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icon continuous delivery July 2021 Hightlights
Updates coming to Brightspace in July, 2021. Posted July 20, 2021
new brightspace editor Coming D2L Brightspace changes on July 22nd
Some significant updates coming to Brightspace in July 2021 Posted July 2, 2021
Competencies Using Brightspace (CUBS) title banner New entry-level training on D2L Brightspace
Announcing CUBS, the new competencies for Using Brightspace interactive course for instructors. Posted May 17, 2021
group of people at sunset Oregon Distance Learning Completion Conference
I know, just what you need, another professional development opportunity, right? I understand, it’s the end of the year and […] Posted May 3, 2021
icon continuous delivery April 2021 Highlights
Updates coming to Brightspace for April 2021 on Friday, April 23rd. Posted April 14, 2021
A similar interface on mobile devices, laptops, and desktops Quarterly Updates for Spring 2021 2
Greatest hits of updates to the learning ecosystem for Spring 2021. Posted March 29, 2021
a frustrated student working on a laptop Quickpoll Results: What have you struggled with in one of your current classes? 3
Advising coordinator Michelle Luff summarizes results from the student quick poll "What have you struggled with in one of your current classes?" Posted January 26, 2021
Upload file icon Quarterly Updates for Winter 2021 4
Updates to the online learning ecosystem for Winter 2021. Posted December 30, 2020
Anonymous student feedback What has made you feel successful in one of your classes? 6
Summary of student responses to "What has made you feel successful in one of your classes?" Posted December 7, 2020
The new library widget has more options, including custom course guides Updates to the D2L Brightspace Library Widget 
The Library has updated the Library widget in D2L Brightspace to include new custom course guides. Posted October 26, 2020