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Kaltura logo with ...for students! added Kaltura My Media…now for students!
Kaltura video posting is now available for students! Posted January 19, 2023
Student waving hello on a video call Empowering Students to use Office Hours 8
Student Appointment Slots Did you know that Google Calendar has a feature called Appointment Slots? This has been an amazing […] Posted September 26, 2022
Stacie Williams Late work that actually works 12
COMM faculty Stacie Williams shares her current late work practices in online courses. Posted June 6, 2022
a close up shot of a microscope lens little things 2
Small things from the instructional support team. Posted February 28, 2022
Coach offering help Warm Demander Pedagogy 14
Greg Kaminski discusses approaches to being a warm demanded in your class. Posted February 14, 2022
Pulse home page in iPhone A fresh look at the Brightspace Pulse app 4
If you use D2L Brightspace at PCC, you have probably heard of the Pulse app. The Pulse app has been […] Posted January 31, 2022
Filling form Welcome and thank you, CTLE!
Wrapping up Fall 2021 and welcoming the CTLE for future collaboration. Posted December 6, 2021
woman in a splits pose showing flexibility Enhance Equity in your course: Part 6 – Create flexibility in your course 5
In the sixth post, Alyson examines where you can build flexibility into your course. Posted December 1, 2021
Enhance Equity in Your Course: Part 5 – Grade Equitably 6
Part 5 of Alyson's exploration of teqniques to enhance equity in your D2L course. Posted November 23, 2021
view of a labyrinth or maze from above Leveraging D2L/Brightspace to Enhance Equity in Your Course: Part 4 – Consistency Continued
More tips for enhancing equity in your D2L course. Part 4 of the series. Posted November 15, 2021