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Welcome and thank you, CTLE!

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At the beginning of Fall term ’21 our Teaching and Learning Centers (TLCʻs) at each campus became part of a district-wide unified Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) at PCC. Anne Gray, Ed. D. and Samm Erikson are currently serving as our inaugural CTLE coordinators.

As we all engage in service that aligns with primary college goals, the CTLE can be a focusing resource to find out what professional development is available along our continuous improvement journey. The CTLE continues to support our long-standing signature programs Teaching Week and The Andersen Conference, while also offering an ongoing program of professional learning opportunities with college and community partners.

Going forward, this blog will be expanding to proudly include topics and writers from the CTLE – weʻre excited to have them on board next term, and look forward to increasing opportunities for collaboration.

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