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Open Enrollment webinars, videos, and meetings

OEBB will be hosting a series of webinars and will have brief videos available for you to view at your convenience. Visit the OEBB website at OEBBinfo.com for links to the videos and the webinar schedule.

Or, attend an online open enrollment meeting with the PCC Benefits Team, followed by an opportunity to get your questions answered:

PCC is offering the following health plans for the 2023-24 benefit year:

  • Medical
    • Kaiser Medical Plan 1
    • Kaiser Medical Plan 2B
    • Kaiser Medical Plan 3
    • Moda Medical Plan 2
    • Moda Medical Plan 3
    • Moda Medical Plan 6
  • Dental
    • Kaiser Dental
    • Delta/Moda Dental Plan 5
    • Delta/Moda Dental Plan 6
    • Willamette Dental
  • Vision
    • Kaiser Vision
    • Moda Quartz Vision
    • VSP Choice Plus Vision

Resources and contacts

See the additional resources and contact information page for more details.