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Guidelines for Mid-year Changes

PCC employees may add or drop insurance for themselves and their dependents only within 31 days of a qualified status change or at Open Enrollment. Complete a mid-year change form.

Qualified status changes for dropping insurance include:

  • divorce, legal separation, or termination of a domestic partnership
  • a child no longer qualifying as a dependent, for example, turning 26 years old
  • dependents becoming newly eligible for another group plan through a spouse, partner, or other employment

Qualified status changes for adding insurance include:

  • marriage or a new domestic partnership
  • birth, adoption, or legal guardianship of a child
  • loss of other coverage due to losing eligibility

Qualified status change for changing insurance plans:

  • Premium increase of 10% or more

Please contact a benefits specialist if you need assistance in determining whether a qualified status change exists.  To comply with tax code regulations, it is important to discuss potential qualified status changes with the PCC Benefits staff as soon as possible. You have 31 days from the event date to make changes to your benefits. In general, changes will begin the first of the month following notification.