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The Diggers Justseeds at PCC Sylvania for Earth Week
Justseeds at PCC for Earth Week. Posted April 11, 2018
Portrait photographs of 9 photographers Photographer Speaker Series
Portland Photography Month Photographer Speaker Series free for students and community members! Posted April 11, 2018
Karen Paez Living with the Humanities: Dr. Karen Paez
Exposure to the arts and humanities reveals to us the complex and diverse world around us, hopefully making us more attuned to our socialization and possible transformative powers of looking at things from alternative perspectives. Posted April 3, 2018
Josephine Pino Living with the Humanities: Josephine Pino
There are so many ways that the arts and humanities are critical to our lives as individuals and as a society. I believe they help us make sense of the world around us, often in ways that are hard to define. Posted April 3, 2018
Crucial Conversations PCC partners with Oregon Humanities
PCC partners with Oregon Humanities to present the inaugural Crucial Conversations event:  “What’s in a Label? Rethinking Diversity and Racial […] Posted April 3, 2018
Pride and Prejudice Painters respond to Pride and Prejudice
Have you bought your tickets yet for PCC’s Fall 2017 production of Pride and Prejudice? The show opened last week […] Posted November 14, 2017
Students standing in front of paintings with an audience sitting on chairs in front of them. Students present at the Portland Art Museum
PCC offered Honors History of Western Art (ART204H, ART205H, ART206H) for the first time in 2011-12. That school year, a […] Posted November 13, 2017
Nucl Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature (Jan deadline)
The University of Portland hosts a yearly undergraduate literature conference, and the HARTS Council would like to encourage PCC students […] Posted November 5, 2017
Art Rock Schedule cover Art Rock is happening (11/7 + 11/8)
  Event organizer: Petra Sairanen Graphic design: Anthony Catalan Error: The image above does not have Alt Text   SaveSave Posted November 5, 2017
Two instructors holding pieces of paper that explain the guidelines for the Center for Civic Participation discussions. “Patriotism and Protest” discussion on Nov. 3
We at the Center for Civic Participation at Portland Community College (CCP@PCC) are continuing our series of conversations dedicated to current topics of […] Posted October 27, 2017



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