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Pamplin Media Pamplin Media Writing Interships
Internships provide wonderful opportunities for students to get hand-on experience in and put their writing skills to work. Pamplin Media Group […] Posted February 15, 2018
WWeek Willamette Week Writing Internships
There are few better ways for students to explore the possibility of finding a career in writing and the arts […] Posted February 1, 2018
Nucl Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature (Jan deadline)
The University of Portland hosts a yearly undergraduate literature conference, and the HARTS Council would like to encourage PCC students […] Posted November 5, 2017
O P B New Internships at Oregon Public Broadcasting
OBP is looking for Content Creation Interns that will put your storytelling skills to work. Content creators in all departments […] Posted October 3, 2017
Photograph of buildings, a bridge, St. Basil's cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia Study a new language this fall
What language is second in demand by Oregon employers? RUSSIAN! Russian language skills are in high demand for careers in  business, real […] Posted September 17, 2017
What can you do with a degree in the humanities? with multi-colored circles that have names of businesses and professions inside of them. Find a Career
The Arts and Humanities in the 21st Century Workplace taskforce answers the question, “Where can you work with a degree […] Posted September 15, 2017
A green robot and a red robot facing off. Collaborate with Transfer Institutions
PCC art students have a variety of opportunities to collaborate with faculty and instructors at local transfer institutions like Portland […] Posted September 15, 2017



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