Why Study Humanities and Arts

rationally speaking logo with microphone What contributes to college success?
In this classic episode of the Rationally Speaking podcast from the New York City Skeptics, Massimo Pigliucci and Julia Galef debate the […] Posted October 7, 2017
NEH October is National Arts and Humanities Month!
Last October President Obama established National Arts and Humanities Month during the month of October, stating, “In seeking to break down […] Posted October 5, 2017
Heights Poster Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the Broadway muscial, “Hamilton” talks about the importance of the Humanities
Last week, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created and starred in the Broadway musical, “Hamilton” received the U.S. Capital Historical Society’s Freedom […] Posted September 15, 2017
Open book with lines of code written in it. Why the tech industry needs liberal arts majors
In a New York Times opinion piece, titled “To Write Beter Code, Read Virginia Woolf“, J. Bradford Hipps explains why musicians, artists […] Posted September 15, 2017
The letters S.T.E.A. and M. The A looks like gears and belts. Could studying Art help save your job from robots?
In a short piece titled, “Going to Art School could help save your job from Robots“, ArtNet associate editor Sarah […] Posted September 15, 2017
The words You Can do Anything surrounded by multi-colored arrows pointing away from the words in all directions. How the Liberal Arts Lead to Success
A terrific article in the Atlantic talks about the ways studying the liberal arts changes the lives of first generation college students […] Posted September 14, 2017



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