Two Deep Breaths

PSU and PCC Reading Series with Devon Walker -Figueroa, Justin Boening, and Leni Zumas, December 8th, 6pm
Posted December 3, 2023
Two Deep Breaths: Power
I’ve been thinking a lot about perfectionism lately. Around work and school, a lot of us suffer from the compulsion […] Posted May 18, 2022
Two Deep Breaths: Sorrow is Not My Name
Last week in Oregon felt like spring on steroids. It was 72 and sunny; then it snowed. The rest of […] Posted April 18, 2022
Two Deep Breaths: The Zuihitsu
I’ve been reading a lot about the attention crisis. You know, that people these days can’t focus on anything? That […] Posted March 8, 2022
Two Deep Breaths: Donetsk
Do you ever read about a place online, or hear some city mentioned in passing, and wonder where is that? […] Posted February 22, 2022
You know what I miss? Random encounters with strangers. The side glances at the bus stop, the friendly, banal conversations […] Posted February 1, 2022
Two Deep Breaths: A Young Man
I recently became a mom for the second time. My four-year-old son loves to make his baby sister laugh. He […] Posted January 18, 2022
Two Deep Breaths: Like This, For a Reason
Geffrey Davis begins his poem “Like This, For a Reason” with a question: how do we show kindness when we’re […] Posted December 20, 2021
Have you ever stood in a place that made you feel small? In a good way, I mean — the […] Posted November 29, 2021
Two Deep Breaths: The Bellwether Review 2
Continuing our series of poems selected by student editors of PCC’s literary magazines, here’s another post from the 2021 editorial […] Posted May 26, 2021