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Jobs with Justice Visitor Jobs with Justice Visits Working Class Literature Course
In Working Class Literature (ENG 237), we read a range of texts that explore the experience of working people—poems, stories, […] Posted February 21, 2024
RohanKrishnamurthyPic Rohan Krishnamurthy Visits Sonic Constructions of Identity
On February 7, Rohan Krishnamurthy made a captivating visit to Dr. Ravi Kittappa’s Sonic Constructions of Identity class, delving deep […] Posted February 21, 2024
Tommy Orange English 104 Students Visit Portland Book Festival
Thanks to the generosity of HARTS, a group of seven students from ENG 104, Introduction to Literature: Fiction, was able […] Posted January 2, 2024
Elena Villa, Flamenco Flamenco Artist and PCC English Faculty, Elena Villa, Visits Humanities 100
On October 31, the PCC HARTS Fund, which supports humanities and arts programming and scholarships around the college, sponsored a […] Posted December 4, 2023