Larry Crane Visits with PCC Recording Technology Students

Jake Kelly

During Larry Crane’s May 6 visit with the PCC Recording Technology students, the Portland-based recording engineer who has visited PCC classes in the past again offered insights and advice on starting out in the industry. As the founder of Tape-Op Magazine and an experienced musician, producer and recordist, Crane shared his process and thoughts on the field.

He spoke about the evolution of the industry, from analog to digital and the intermingling of the tools, and emphasized the importance of fundamentals like mic placement and critical listening. Crane made specific pains to emphasize the importance of broad community relationships for music and recording professionals.

Larry Crane Visit

He also shared practical tips for recording, drawing from his experiences with artists like Elliott Smith and Sleater-Kinney. Students were engaged as Crane highlighted the collaborative nature of recording and stressed the significance of integrity and passion in the field. His visit left a lasting impression, inspiring students to pursue their goals with renewed determination.

Overall, Larry Crane’s visit provided valuable insights and encouragement for aspiring audio professionals, leaving a positive impact on the students.


Larry Crane’s visit was generously funded by the PCC HARTS Fund, which supports programming and scholarships that increases student access to the arts and humanities. To donate to the HARTS Fund, please go to the donation page and choose “Other” in the designation form. Then enter “HARTS” in the box that appears.