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Why Study Humanities and Arts

Heights Poster Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the Broadway musical, “Hamilton” talks about the importance of the Humanities
Last week, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created and starred in the Broadway musical, “Hamilton” received the U.S. Capital Historical Society’s Freedom […] Posted September 15, 2017
Open book with lines of code written in it. Why the tech industry needs liberal arts majors
In a New York Times opinion piece, titled “To Write Beter Code, Read Virginia Woolf“, J. Bradford Hipps explains why musicians, artists […] Posted September 15, 2017
The letters S.T.E.A. and M. The A looks like gears and belts. Could studying Art help save your job from robots?
In a short piece titled, “Going to Art School could help save your job from Robots“, ArtNet associate editor Sarah […] Posted September 15, 2017
The words You Can do Anything surrounded by multi-colored arrows pointing away from the words in all directions. How the Liberal Arts Lead to Success
A terrific article in the Atlantic talks about the ways studying the liberal arts changes the lives of first generation college students […] Posted September 14, 2017