Justseeds Justseeds
PCC Cascade's Paragon Art Gallery Presents: Making Change, featuring prints from Justseeds. The gallery will be hosting a variety of free, interactive events and workshops that are open to the public to promote positive social change. Posted May 16, 2017
Paragon Arts Annual Juried Student Exhibition
Guest juror Stephanie Parrish from the Portland Art Museum. Posted April 13, 2017
Interactive Bubble Array Two Ceramics Installations and Seven Artists
Both exhibits In conjunction with the NCECA 2017 Conference (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts) Posted February 28, 2017
Hraun The Future Wild
Signal Fire and PCC's Paragon Art Gallery present The Future Wild, a group exhibition responding to the concept of wilderness Posted January 12, 2017
Cowboys Scrapbook – Selections from: The Clifford Walker Collection
Photographs, graphics and art prints all with connections to Mr. Walker’s life, family activism and our shared history. Posted November 18, 2016
Tempo & Transition Tempo & Transition
An exhibition with community collaboration, which includes animation and video created in a variety of materials and by a variety of artists responding to the theme of time and change. Posted November 7, 2016
Talking About the Obvious Talking About the Obvious
Cascade Gallery is pleased to host Talking About the Obvious, two installations that in tandem propel us to contemplate one environment and the interconnectedness of environmental and social justice. Posted October 10, 2016
Please Pay Attention Please Please Pay Attention Please
Hannah Newman presents an installation inside the gallery that directs our attention to our attention. Posted August 9, 2016
American Pastoral American Pastoral
Cascade Gallery presents American Pastoral by Julia E. Freeman Posted June 2, 2016
Hand Made HAND MADE & Satellite: Juried Student Art Exhibit/s
Over fifty student works representing, photography, mixed media, assemblage, ceramics, printmaking, painting, drawing and more. Posted April 15, 2016