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#paragonartsvirtually – Paragon Arts Gallery, Virtually

Cascade Paragon Arts Gallery

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Dear Friends of the Paragon Arts Gallery,

With the temporary closure of the physical Gallery and Portland Community College campuses due to COVID-19, we are offering art experiences remotely. Our plan is to offer a creative prompt or other experiences each week. We will communicate through our email list, the Paragon Arts Gallery website, Instagram@pccparagonarts, and Facebook@pccparagonarts. Your participation will bring this project to life! View the art posted, respond with an image of your own artwork based on the prompt and tag us (#pccparagonarts, #paragonartsvirtually).

With our virtual arts gallery, we hope to strengthen the community and provide relief in a time of intense separation and social distancing. Help us encourage, inspire, and create to support art making and sharing in a time of need.

March/April 2020 community outreach and art-making prompts

Prompt #1 – “Drawing for Someone”

Make a drawing for someone. If you would like to share, post your drawing to your Instagram or Facebook account and use the hashtags

  • #pccparagonarts
  • #paragonartsvirtually
  • #drawingforsomeone
Prompt #2 – “Color Palette to Share”

Make something with colors and share it with someone. You could make something with traditional art materials, or you could use found objects, food, music, or anything that inspires you right now. It could be lasting or ephemeral. If you would like to share, post your “color palette” to your Instagram or Facebook account and use the hashtags

  • #pccparagonarts
  • #paragonartsvirtually
  • #paragonpalette
Prompt #3 – “Object Stories” – Connecting with Community

Reach out to someone in your community – close by or far away. Ask them to choose an object that has value to them and to share its story with you. You may ask them to describe the object, and explain how they acquired it. What is the significance of the object for them, and has the meaning changed over time? After your conversation, reflect on your interaction. To continue the project, ask your interviewee to share a photo of the object with you. Post a photo of their object and briefly tell its story in 100 words or less to your Instagram or Facebook account and use the hashtags

  • #pccparagonarts
  • #paragonartsvirtually
  • #paragonobjectstories

Thanks to the Portland Art Museum’s “Object Stories” Project for inspiring this prompt.

Prompt #4 – “Mythology”

Create something inspired by mythology. What mythos motivates you? Make a drawing, poem, song, or other work of art influenced by mythology. Feel free to share what it means for you personally. Make something of any medium inspired by mythology of any kind. If you would like, share your work on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtags

  • #pccparagonarts
  • #paragonartsvirtually
  • #paragonmythos

Contribute whenever and however you are able. There are no deadlines, and we will keep all prompts available on our website.

With best regards, take care, wash your hands, and keep making art,

The Paragon Arts Gallery Crew

Make a drawing for someone . . .

photograph of drawing paper, pencils, and pens