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As I Am by Ebenezer Galluzzo

Cascade Paragon Arts Gallery

New Translation by Ebenezer Galluzzo

Ebenezer Galluzzo, New Translation, archival pigment print, 2017.

As I Am, a celebration of gender non-conformity and performativity by Portland-based artist Ebenezer Galluzzo

  • Preview: “Art Focus” interview on KBOO Radio: Ebenezer Galluzzo with Amanda Clem, listen Tuesday, January 7, 11:30am-12 noon
  • Exhibition dates: January 10 – February 8, 2020
  • Opening reception: Friday, January 10, 2020, 5-8pm, artist talk at 6pm
  • Photography Brown Bag Talk – Ebenezer Galluzzo at the Portland Art Museum, Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 12-1pm
  • “Queer Space in the Art World” – Conversation with Ebenezer Galluzzo, Princess Bouton, and Shameka Gagnier; film screening by Princess Bouton and sculptures by Shameka Gagnier; Saturday, February 1, 2020, 2-4pm, here at the Paragon!
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Paragon Arts Gallery at PCC Cascade presents As I Am by Ebenezer Galluzzo. Please join us for an opening reception on Friday, January 10, 2020, from 5-8pm, with an artist talk at 6pm. Public programming continues with an artist conversation featuring Ebenezer Galluzzo, Princess Bouton, and Shameka Gagnier, with films by Princess Bouton and sculpture by Shameka Gagnier on Saturday, February 1, 2020, from 2-4pm. All events are free and open to the public.

This project began as a way to witness the truth of my gender expression and morphed into a celebration of myself, my power, and embracing of my trans identity. The photographic series, As I Am, evolved from my process of coming out as a trans man. These self-portraits and the process of creating them became a refuge from the judgmental words that inhabited my mind, limiting my ability to listen to the wisdom of my body.

Historically, photography is a medium that has been associated with capturing reality, documenting truth. Unfortunately, not everyone has been written into the stories of our history. As trans existence and experiences are continually scrutinized, questioned, and erased, trans cultural reality can disappear. With my self-portraits I make the multitude of my experiences visible and valid. The process of composing, printing, and subsequent additions of paint and collage have helped me unravel my truth from an imposed binary gender system of dominant culture that tells me my existence is unnatural.

Body postures, color, symbols, emotions, objects are gendered in our culture and imposed on us from the moment of our birth in accordance with our genitalia. My images challenge these gender norms, while seeking new possibilities for existence through dynamic contradiction. Contradiction opens a new path for me to what is possible.

Each photograph, in the time between printing and completion, occupies a liminal space within me. Within this liminal space the story of each photograph unfolds revealing my internalized assumptions, judgements, and personal truth. When I add paper, paint, objects, gold leaf – transforming the original image I am creating a photograph which counters shame with pride. For me, each portrait blesses the full existence of my trans identity while honoring the time it has taken me to open to a deepening self-acceptance. – Ebenezer Galluzzo

This exhibition is supported in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

About the featured artist

Ebenezer Galluzzo: I am a gender non-conforming trans man, mother, and husband living in Portland, Oregon. I view the craft of photography as a way to claim and redefine the lens through which I see the world and the world see me. Photography my tool used to reveal my stories in counter balance to the stories attached to me by external cultural forces. My portraits carry my artistic perspective on my trans experience. I celebrate and claim my own narrative. I extend my gratitude to the spaces that have highlighted my work through solo shows in Astoria and Portland, including Paragon Art Gallery and Blue Sky Photo Gallery, as well as publication in Black and White magazine and Diffusion Annual.
insta: @photo.galluzzo

Princess Bouton

Ebenezer Galluzzo, Princess Bouton, and Shameka Gagnier

“Queer Space in the Art World” – Conversation with Ebenezer Galluzzo, Princess Bouton and Shameka Gagnier

Join Ebenezer Galluzzo in conversation with Princess Bouton and Shameka Gagier on Saturday, February 1, 2020, 2-4pm. The presentation includes a film screening by Princess Bouton and sculptures by Shameka Gagnier.

Ebenezer Galluzzo

About the guest artists

Princess Bouton: I am a black transfeminine filmmaker and performance artist in Portland. I’m a part of the local ballroom scene and you can sometimes find my work in art galleries in town. most of my work is inspired by my exploration of self love, intersectional feminism, and pleasure activism. I also like dogs and trampolines and dislike grabby stranger hands and mayonnaise.

Shameka GagnierShameka Gagnier presently resides in the unceded traditional territories of The Nisqually, Puyallup and Squaxin Island People. They carry bloodlines from Central and Northern Turtle Island, Africa, and Europe; many stories and names have been lost due to exploitation, foster care, and adoption. They are committed to working within those intersections to create and support spaces that center art, food, and nourishment for black and indigenous communities. Currently they are a first generation student working towards their undergraduate degree at The Evergreen State College, where they are focusing on Indigenous Studies, Multicultural Communications, and Art. Gagnier has been working as a wood carver, fine metalsmith, printmaker, performance artist, and gardener/farmer. Currently they are working with a small group to revamp a pre-school garden and play space at Daybreak Star Cultural Center in Seattle.

sculpture by Shameka Gagnier

Shameka Gagnier, detail of carved and assembled sculpture

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