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2019 PCC travel fair dates 2019 Travel Fair Schedule: Discover Your Next Adventure! 2
Portugal, Ghana, Colombia, Or Jordan? PCC Community Ed Travel is excited to announce our full, 2019 trip schedule. View all of our offerings at […] Posted September 20, 2018
Instructor, Sue Wendell How to Make Public Speaking a Rewarding Experience for All
When you talk to folks about public speaking, many turn ashen, shake their heads, and exclaim that they would never voluntarily […] Posted August 20, 2018
Unrecognizable senior man with his grandaughter planting a seedling on allotment. Man and a small girl gardening. Gain a Refreshing Perspective with Permaculture
The term “permaculture” was coined in the late 1970s and originally referred to “permanent agriculture” but was later expanded to […] Posted August 13, 2018
Tasha Harmon, Instructor of Tools for Getting Unstuck workshop. Steering from Our Center – Core Values as Signposts on the Journey to a Fulfilling Life
We all want to make good choices that will lead us to fulfilling work and lives, but how do we […] Posted August 7, 2018
silhouette of photographer taking photo at sunset Take Your Camera Outside with Curiosity and Confidence (5 Secrets for Better Photographs)
Photography is a highly subjective art form with many variables. Your approach to each photo is dictated by your subject, […] Posted August 3, 2018
📣🍂 The Fall 2018 Class Schedule is Finally Here! 🍂📣
Just in the nick of time, PCC Community Ed’s fall 2018 class schedule is ready online for all to see! […] Posted July 30, 2018
Knowledge found this spring in your neighborhood. Spring term starts today!
Not to worry; you can still register to classes that have yet to begin. Get started. Posted April 2, 2018
Students Sharing her native language and culture
Instructor Giuseppa Heineck loves sharing her native language and culture in her classes. The Keeping up with Italian class gives […] Posted March 16, 2018
Zombie survival kit Surviving the zombie apocalypse
Zombie Fun Fact: When polled where they will go in a zombie apocalypse, the #1 answer is “Costco!” Prepare for […] Posted March 13, 2018
Drawing Drawing, design and sculpture
Instructor Vicki Wilson has taught drawing, design and sculpture at PCC for 12 years. In her studio she focuses on […] Posted March 9, 2018