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Remote Jazz Singing Classes

PCC Community Ed

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Community Ed offers more than a dozen Music and Theater classes each term to help students hone their talents or connect with others to express their creative side. These courses are online/remote during the coming term – so your options are not bound by your location. We’ve shared several options below, but you can review all upcoming courses at the Community Ed schedule page.

Group Singing
Come together online in real time to sing. Build music reading and ear training skills. Work on breath management, range and resonance. You will hear and sing along only with the instructor, and you will see your classmates doing the same.

Jazz Singers Workshop 1
This workshop utilizes a 50 page workbook and vocal exercise CD authored by the instructor to introduce students to the art of singing America’s indigenous music, jazz. Proper vocal technique, breath control, using a microphone,counting in, talking musician talk, connecting with the audience, repertoire and key selection are explored as well as what is swing and to do it. Telling a musical story, phrasing like you speak and designing intros and outros are also part of the workshop learning. A professional pianist is in class and a performance at a local jazz club wraps up the eight week workshop.

Jazz Singers Workshop 2
Take your jazz singing to the next level, with advanced concepts, techniques and vocal improvisation.

Jazz Singers: Vocal Techniques
Study and emulate vocal techniques of the great jazz masters. Compare and contrast three versions of ten songs. Analyze how these vocalists turned American standards into original and timeless interpretations.

Music Theory for Singers
Demystify music theory that’s pertinent to singers so that you can work confidently beside professional musicians, grasp the theory behind your songs, and use it to hone your craft more precisely.