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Summer Teen – Registration Opens June 3rd – Full Class List Here

PCC Community Ed

PCC Summer Teen student
Community Ed Summer Teen classes open for registration Wednesday June 3rd and we’re adapting in-person classes to a remote format for summer term. These classes are a great opportunity to have fun exploring new topics, connect with other students and explore new skills – while practicing safe social distancing. Enrich your life – from the comfort of your own home this summer. Summer Teen classes:

  • Hobbies
    • Tarot for Teens
  • Technology
    • Inventor’s League – Prototyping for the Future!
    • ROBLOX(R) Coders & Entrepreneurs!
    • YouTube(R) Content Creators
    • TEEN Advanced 3D Video Game with Unity
    • Java Programming for Teens
    • Minecraft Redstone Engineers
    • Rocket Kart Racers: Design a Mario Kart Style Game
    • Python Programmers
    • Battle Royale: Make your 1st Fortnite Style Video
    • eSports Apprentice: YouTube Streamers and Gamers
    • Code Breakers
  • Exploring Language of Culture Series
    • Spanish Immersion
  • Music
    • DJ Mixing 101
    • Glee Club
    • Rock Guitar 101
  • Sports
    • Yoga for Athletes
    • Teen Zumba: Dance Party!
  • Visual Arts
    • Comics: Writing and Drawing Short Stories
    • Photography: Beginning
    • Nature Photography