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PCC Fitness Work Out with PCC Community Ed
As most have found, making plans doesn’t always mean sticking to them. This is why many gyms see memberships spike […] Posted August 15, 2019
PCC Swimming Photo Swim Conditioning Provides Recreation and Wellness Benefits
Swimming in the rivers and lakes around the Pacific Northwest is something that many people look forward to in the […] Posted March 14, 2019
Picture of people doing cardio training on treadmill in gym Get Moving! Yoga, Running and Walking Are Healthy Activities at Any Age
Life today can be stressful, and it’s difficult to find time for self-care during the “hustle and bustle” of daily […] Posted March 8, 2019
Cheerful muscular blonde middle-aged fitness trainer holding balance on one leg with arms sideward while performing step aerobics dance exercise in gym. Fitness for Health – Work Out with PCC Community Ed
Regular exercise is essential for good health. It not only provides physical benefits – like muscle strength, weight management and […] Posted February 12, 2019