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As most have found, making plans doesn’t always mean sticking to them. This is why many gyms see memberships spike right after New Year’s, only to see fewer and fewer people as the year unfolds. One of the problems is a lack of accountability. When there is someone to hold us accountable, we’re more likely to complete stated goals. PCC Community Ed is here to help keep you accountable – offering dozens of opportunities to work out each term.

Another issue that interferes with success is not knowing how to properly go about the activities needed to reach the goal. This is a common problem with fitness goals because working out typically involves specific techniques. One way to get all of the necessary ingredients is to work with a coach or personal trainer. Here are some of the main benefits of doing so:

The Benefits of Working with Coaches and Personal Trainers

1. Injury Reduction

In 2009, 1,500 people were treated in emergency rooms for injuries sustained on equipment at gyms. A further 10,000 per day are treated in ERs for other injuries related to sports, exercise, and physical recreation activities. These are just the worst of the injuries. Countless more suffer injuries that they go home and “tough it out.”

Personal trainers help to prevent injuries by showing you the proper form to use while exercising, how to use equipment properly, and how intense your exercises should be. This allows you to avoid injuries that arise not only from equipment, but also from bad form, such as tendonitis and muscle pulls.

2. Accountability and Motivation

When you know that someone is waiting for you at the gym, you’re more likely to go. This is especially true if you’ll be paying that person whether you go or not! A personal trainer will be there at the appointed time, rain or shine. When you arrive, they will remind you of the benefits of exercise and how they relate to your fitness goals, celebrate your improvements, and congratulate you even for improvements in form. That’s all great motivation for sticking with your exercise plan!

3. Personal Trainers are Inexpensive

Most trainers charge between $60 and $80 per session. Considering the physical and mental health benefits of improved fitness, that’s a very reasonable investment.

4. Coaches and Trainers Can Provide Workout Variety

Many people stop going to the gym because they get bored with their workout routines. Personal trainers and coaches eliminate this problem by devising varied, yet effective, exercise routines that meet your individual needs and goals. These plans can also accommodate injuries or other obstacles that could otherwise prevent exercising.

5. Trainers Teach Effective, Efficient Techniques

One of the most demotivating things that people experience is a lack of progress, or gains, from their exercise routines. Personal trainers and coaches ensure progress by teaching methods that work efficiently. You’ll make the most of your workout time and see results far faster than you would on your own.

6. Personal Trainers Help with Effective Goal Setting

Your personal trainer will break your main goal down into several smaller ones so that you can track the progress you’re making as you go. This greatly helps with motivation and encourages you to keep going. As you do so, your trainer or coach will assess your progress, correct any imperfections in form, and hold you accountable. This will make your larger goal attainable and keep you excited about your progression.

Working out alone can provide some benefits, but having the help of a personal trainer supercharges your progress. One of the easiest ways to partner with a trainer is to sign up for PCC’s personal training sessions. Training packages are available in 5, 10, 15 or 20 one-hour sessions, and all programs begin with an initial consultation, health risk appraisal and fitness testing. From there, participants will receive an individual exercise program based on results from their assessment and current fitness and goals. Just click here to get started.