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A list of all Fall classes in one convenient location!

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Updated 9/3 – Despite the college’s move to remote/online learning, we still have hundreds of options to choose from this Fall. Many classes begin during the week of September 21st, but this blog will be updated throughout the term to show the classes that have yet to start. Enrich your life!


Dance: American Rhythm Tap
Dance: Beginner Floorwork
Belly Dance At Home: Beginning 1
Mindful Movement
Dance Combos at Home

Getting to Know Your Digital Camera
Photography: Beginning
Photography: Developing a Personal Project
Photography Off the Wall: The Holga Camera

Black and White Darkroom Photography Reunion

People and Places
Photography: Exploring Your Neighborhood in Fall
Photography: Portraits As A Household Activity
Photography: Your Creative Camera On The Street

Music and Theatre
Individualized Music Lessons: 5 Session Package
Individualized Music Lessons: 10 Session Package

Guitar: Beginning Level 1
Guitar 1 for All Styles: Beginning
Guitar: Fingerstyle 2

Banjo: Beginning

Acting Portraits
Personal Storytelling Introduction
Personal Storytelling Coaching: 5 Session Package

Group Singing
Jazz Singers: Vocal Techniques
Jazz Singers Workshop 1
Jazz Singers Workshop 2

Visual Arts
Calligraphy: All Levels
Calligraphy: Decorated Letters

Ceramics All Levels: At Home
Ceramics All Levels: Your Way with Clay
Ceramics Intermediate/Advanced: Archaic Life-Sustaining Tool

Movement’s Echo: Drawing, Creativity and Yoga

Jewelry Beginning Metalwork 1 At Home
Jewelry Beginning Metalwork 2 At Home

Mixed Media
Collage: Landscape and Still Life

Design and Paint Window Murals In Your Home

Painting: Acrylics and Oils
Painting: Acrylics and Oils
Classical Oil Painting: Sky
Classical Oil Painting Studio
Easing Into Abstract Painting
Abstract Expressionist Painting
Fractured Images In Abstract Painting
Painting: Abstract Landscapes

Individualized Writing Coaching: 5 Session Package
Individualized Writing Coaching: 10 Session Package
Screenwriting: The Basics of Movie Storytelling
Screenwriting: Write the First Ten Pages
Writing the Short Story
Pen and Paintbrush: Writing Inspired by Visual Art

Workshopping Your Fiction

Writing: Inspired by Contemporary Women Writers

Memoir and Nonfiction
Responsive Writing In Pivotal Times
Self-Care Zines: Writing to Heal
Writing About Food
Zines For Resistance

Introduction to Poetry
This Is Who I Am: Exploring Identity Through Poetry
Words Embodied: Connecting to Self Through Poetry
Writing Through the Shadows: Poetry for Rough Times

Home and Garden

Do It Yourself (DIY)
Electronics for Inventors: Arduino and Soldering

Construct it Yourself
Cat Furniture Construction and Design
Catio Design Studio

Fix it Yourself
Bicycle Maintenance

Food and Drink
Seafood Comfort
Favorite Fall Soups
Plant-based Thanksgiving Party!

Classic Cookies

International Cuisine
Fried Chicken from Around the World
Ethiopian Cuisine: Veggies
Ethiopian Cuisine: Tender Lamb and Veggies
French Flare

Plant-Based Cooking Series
Plant-Based Cooking Series
Kale Made Delicious!
Get Healthy with Chocolate
The Secrets of Tahini
Eat More Chickpeas!

Sweet Treats
Flambe Desserts
Chocolate for Breakfast
Italian Desserts

Wine Pairing
Sparkling Gruet

Emergency Preparedness
Emergency “Grab & Go” Binder, with Cloud Back Up!

Garden, Nature and Yard
Goat and Sheep Care
Fall Care of The Organic Vegetable Garden
Organic Vegetable Gardening: Basics for Beginners
Culinary Herb and Edible Flower Gardening
Nature Identification for the Amateur Naturalist
Mushroom Foraging for Beginners

Home Gardening Series with Rod Smith
Home Gardening Series with Rod Smith
Landscape Design
Trees, Shrubs and Roses
Annuals, Perennials and Bulbs
Growing Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs
Lawn Care
Insects and Diseases
Winterizing Your Yard

Knitting and Fiber Crafts
Fall Festive Punch Needle

Scrabble: Word Nerds Unite

Home Design and Organization
Feng Shui for Your Home

Speak! Positive Dog Training and Development
Backyard Chickens for Beginners

Style and Beauty
Soap Making: Melt and Pour Method
Herbal Gifts for the Holidays

Language and Culture

Latin Conversation: Level 1
Polish Conversation: Level 1
Romanian Conversation: Level 1 
Romanian Conversation: Level 2
Russian Conversation: Level 1
Russian Conversation: Level 2
Swedish Conversation: Level 1
Swedish Conversation: Level 2

American Sign Language
American Sign Language: Level 1
American Sign Language: Level 2
American Sign Language: Levels 2 and 3
American Sign Language: Levels 4 and 5

Arabic Conversation: Level 1
Levantine Arabic

Conversational English
Conversational English Level 1: Fast-paced

French Conversation for Wishful (or Wistful) Travelers
Travel With French Writers, Singers And Painters
French Conversation: Level 1
French Conversation: Level 1/ 2
French Conversation: Level 2
French Conversation Level 3/ 4
French: Levels 4 and 5
French Conversation: Level 5
French Verbs and Conversation

German Conversation: Level 2
German Conversation: Level 3

Irish Gaelic
Irish Gaelic: Level 1

Italian Conversation for Wishful (or Wistful) Travelers
“Leggiamo” (Let’s Read)
Keeping Up in Italian
Italian Conversation: Level 2

Japanese Conversation: Level 1
Japanese Conversation for Wishful (or Wistful) Travelers
Japanese Conversation: Level 2

Korean Conversation: Level 2

Portuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese Conversation for (Wishful) Travelers

Spanish Conversation: Level 2
Spanish Conversation: Level 3
Spanish Conversation: Level 4
Spanish Conversation: Level 5

Cultural Exploration
“Changes”: Exploring Civil Rights Through the Lens of Tupac
Mexican History: From Ancient Times to Today
History of Persia and Modern-Day Iran
Understanding Russia: Context of Intercultural Communication
Trivia Night: Global Communication Styles
Ancient Roman Culture in Modern Times

Travel Prep
Hawaii: Low Cost Options

Recreation and Wellness

Mindfulness for Physical and Emotional Pain Relief
Energy Healing 101
Botanical Medicine: The Art of Herbal Crafting
Foam Rolling 101
The Art of Self Massage
Eldercare Planning Options
Dream Psychology

Naturopathic Medicine
Optimal Wellness: Prepare and Support Your Immune System
Optimal Wellness for the Teenager

Health Coaching
Online Health Coaching: 5 Session Package
Online Health Coaching: 10 Session Package
Group Online Health Coaching: 10 Sessions

Mind-Body Wellness
Bringin’ Flexy Back

Meditation: Introduction to Buddhist Meditation
Guided Meditation: Affirmations and the 12-Chakra System

Qigong and Tai Chi

Qigong to Improve Immune Health
Tai Chi Beginning: Cloud Hands Modified Two Corner Form
8 Brocades + Tai Chi: Cloud Hands Yang Style Part 1
Tai Chi: Continuing

Pain Relief Gentle Yoga
Yoga and Mindfulness for Anxiety and Depression
TRE(R) and Yoga for a Calmer Nervous System
Yoga: Level 1
Yoga for Runners and Walkers
Vinyasa Flow Yoga Level 1
Yoga Level 2
Private Yoga: 5 Session Package
Private Yoga: 10-Session Package

Runners’ Lab
Cycling Club
Trivia Night: Oregon Sports

Work Out
Barre Fusion
Cardio Dance Fusion
Zumba Toning
Cardio Boot Camp

Personal Training with PCC
Personal Training: 5 Session Package
Personal Training: 10 Session Package
Personal Training: 15 Session Package
Personal Training: 20 Session Package

Pilates: Matwork
reFORM Mixed Levels Pilates Mat
Classical Pilates Mat Level 1
Classical Pilates Mat Level 2
Classical Pilates Mat Level 2-3
Classical Pilates Mat Level 3

Strength Training
Strength Training for Women

Adult 55+ Fitness
Senior Yoga Basics
Pain Relief Chair Yoga
Gentle Toning and Stretching
Zumba Gold

Better Bones and Balance
Better Bones and Balance

Work and Life Balance 

Careers in the Real Estate Industry
Prequel to Business of Art: Finding Your Art-Business Focus
The Business of Art
The Business of Art 2: Preparing your Art-Business Plan 

Career Planning Series
Career Planning Series
Who Do You Think You Are?
Finding a Job in Portland
Throw Away Your Resume
Out Interview the Interviewer

eBay: The Basics of Selling! 

Career Skills
Tools for Good Meeting Facilitation

Public Speaking for All: Introduction

Computer Skills and Technology
Drone Pilot Basics
Video Editing: Introduction

Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design
Digital Illustration with Photoshop

Mac/Apple Fundamentals
Mac Tips and Tricks
Photos for Mac 

Web Design and Development
Create a Website for Fun, Profit and Business! 

Continuing Education License Renewal
Grant Writing Introduction

Electrical License Renewal
National Electrical Code Changes
Electrical Controls and Motors
Electrical Safety/NFPA 70E
Oregon Rule and Law for Electricians

Electrologists and Body Art Practitioners
Basics of Accounting 101: Electrologists and Body Art Practitioners
Basics of Accounting 102: Electrologists and Body Art Practitioners
Basics of Accounting 103: Electrologists and Body Art Practitioners

Mediation Training
Advanced Workplace Mediation

Personal Development
Our Future – Let’s Prosper Together
Everyday Creativity: Finding your Creative Self
Tools for Getting Unstuck
Developing A Holistic Creative Routine
Finding Solid Ground with SoulCollage
Managing Your State
Mindful and Aware: Tools for Focus and Quiet in our Mind
Mysteries of Dying
Enjoy Giving Speeches
Dealing with Difficult People
Learn to Draw Sacred Geometry!
Learn to Draw Sacred Geometry! Level 2
Tarot: The Art and Skill of Intuitive Reading
The Mysterious Tarot
Communicating Relationally about Race across ’Race’
Living Lovingly

Personal Finance
Wealth Building Today
Stocks, Bonds, and Investing: Oh, My!

Real Estate
Home Buying 101
Real Estate Investing for Income and Profit

Retirement Planning Today TM 
SMART Retirement Planning
How to Maximize Social Security Income


Athletic Fitness
Yoga for Athletes
Teen Zumba: Dance Party!

Cookies from Around the World

Exploring Language of Culture
German Conversation for Teens
Teen Spanish Club 

Visual Arts
Face Painting 101
Halloween Make-up Artist

Piano for Beginners
Rock Guitar 101


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x by Dennis Boardman 1 year ago

A friend who was a master furniture upholsterer passed away and I have a lot of his tools and supplies. Particularly, I have a bunch of supplies to make cloth-covered furniture buttons.

Does PCC have any department to whom I can pass these items?

Thank you.

Dennis Boardman

x by Justin Eslinger 1 year ago

Hi Dennis, thank you for reaching out. I have shared your offer with our Home and Garden Program Coordinator. Thanks again. -Justin