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Teen Program

Summer Registration Starts June 1st!

Students age 16 and older are eligible to take many non-credit classes. More info: PCC Community Ed age policy

summer pcc classes

For ages 12-17, ceteens@pcc.edu | 971-722-6606

PCC’s Community Ed Teen Program offers a variety of dynamic and engaging educational experiences for students aged 12-17.

Class sizes are small, and the focus is on having a good time while you immerse yourself in an intriguing subject.


Teen Registration Instructions

Students need to create a MyPCC account and are strongly encouraged to fill out the Consent to Release form prior to registering for classes. Instructions for each of these steps are below.

Please note that Intent to Register forms can take up to two business days to process; in order to help ensure a spot in your requested classes, please send in your form no later than two business days before the start of the class. We cannot guarantee a spot in the class if your form is not sent in by this time frame.

How to Create a MyPCC Account
  • Visit pcc.edu/nc
  • Select the “Create Your Account” option
  • Select the “Apply as a non-credit” student option
  • Follow the prompts to create the account
Consent to Release Instructions
  • Log into my.pcc.edu
  • From your MyPCC Home tab, scroll down to the “Quick Links” menu (bottom left of page)
  • Select “Consent to Release”
  • Fill in all required information on the electronic “Consent to Release” form
  • Select the types of records you would like shared
  • The most common selections for Teen students are “Course Schedule,” “Student Finances,” “Enrollment Status,” “Attendance,” “Grades”
  • When you have filled out all required information, click “Add this Name”
  • If you would like to add multiple people, click “return” and repeat steps 5 and 6

Confidential Code: The confidential code is a password or code that the student creates and provides to us. It is used to verify the identity of authorized individuals when they call to discuss student information. We will ask for this code each time student information is discussed.

Intent to Register Form

Once you have created your MyPCC account, use your account to login and complete the Teen Intent to Register form. Once we receive this form, we will contact a parent or legal guardian within one to two business days to request an additional signature before registering the student.

Accessible Ed & Disability Resources

PCC is committed to creating a learning environment that meets the needs of its diverse population. If you anticipate or experience any barriers to learning, discuss your concerns with the instructor. Accessible Ed & Disability Resources coordinates disability related accommodations.

To make a request, contact them in advance. Click “get started” on the Accessible Ed & Disability Resources site, call 971-722-4341, or email: aedr@pcc.edu.