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This content was published: December 3, 2020. Phone numbers, email addresses, and other information may have changed.

Online Courses for Teens

PCC Community Ed

PDX teen from guitar class

Looking for additional educational opportunities for teens? Check out the collection of PCC Community Ed teen courses with options ranging from yoga to guitar – even cooking! Did you read that right Mom and Dad? Train your kid up right for a magical pasta dinner while you sit back and enjoy!

These online training courses for high school-age students are flexible, online, and focused on topics teens enjoy and that allow them to dive deep into a topic. After a yearlong pandemic-driven quarantine, your teen can safely connect with other students who are interested in the same topics in a friendly environment with the quality of PCC education.

Here are just a few of the courses that the online program can bring into your teen’s life.

Cooking Made Fun

Cooking classes are tailored to teen favorites and to the level of engagement that they have available: no funky ingredients, no complicated techniques that are hard to learn. Instead, classes like Boba Tea Shop, Cooking and Chemistry, and Pasta Made Easy have clear instructions, but also lots of options and interchangeable ingredients so that everyone can participate and have fun. These classes are a great option for teens who are exploring a potential career in the culinary arts, or maybe just want to bring some PIZZAZZ! to the next family meal. See what classes are coming up by visiting pcc.edu/community/teen.

Creative Expression

Creative classes in a high school setting may get competitive or have intensely graded components, and it can be hard to really let loose and play with your creativity. PCC’s teen program classes focus on giving you new skills while maintaining a fun and engaging environment. Students can take Everyday Creativity and practice different kinds of art to find what they like best, all while decompressing after long days at school. They can join Glee Camp to practice great singing strategies or learn how to turn short story writing skills into a technique for making art in our Comics class. Other art forms like the Origami and Kirigami classes are great ways to take a break from textbooks and try something new.

Building on Language Skills

German Conversation for Teens and Teen French Club both focus on putting language skills into practice with other teens who want to keep learning and growing. Getting comfortable with a language requires taking it outside of the textbook, speaking, and occasionally making mistakes while also seeing growth. PCC provides the environment to feel supported in endeavors to improve language skills while developing comfort in a language, and arguably even more important element of language fluency.

Getting Active Wherever You Are

If you have a teen who wants to stay active or wants a new outlet, we offer exciting options for those seeking to move their bodies. Yoga for Athletes and Teen Zumba: Dance Party both make getting active more fun. Consider signing up for these courses to have a low-stress, easy way to feel good and get your blood pumping.

Unconventional Musical Pursuits

Teens may have already been playing an instrument for many years or may have never taken an interest, but PCC offers online training courses for high school students of either type and anywhere in-between. Try, for instance, a first-time Piano for Beginners class, or learn the basics of playing a unique instrument with Teen Ukulele. Rock Guitar 101 focuses guitar lessons on fun contemporary music, motivating even long-time players to find a new sound. All the classes are focused on providing additional education opportunities for teens.

Many high school-aged students have a lot of areas in their lives where they are expected to achieve high marks, get good grades, win at all costs or receive acceptance into colleges or other programs. But isn’t learning also supposed to be fun??? PCC Community Ed classes are an opportunity to stay engaged, make connections, and have a fun time while learning something new. These courses can bring out a love of learning that helps teens in their other classes, establishing a bedrock of great habits. Learn more and sign up today for teen program classes!

Originally posted December 3, 2020. Current classes may vary.