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Bond Advisory Committee

The Bond Advisory Committee was formed in 2019 to assist with communication about bond-funded projects.

This committee’s charge is:

  1. To ensure that communities both internal and external to the college understand the projects funded under bond measures, how they are identified, and the practices and procedures used to bring them to fruition.
  2. To understand and disseminate decision-making processes associated with bond-funded projects.
  3. To assist in communication related to bond projects throughout the college and the community at large.


  • Sylvia Kelley
  • Linda Degman

Committee members

  • Abdul Majidi
  • Amanda Davis
  • Amy Bader
  • Anne LeSenne
  • Briar Schoon
  • Cheryl Scott
  • Dan Wenger
  • Dee Wilson
  • Denise Roy
  • Hunter Hall
  • Kaela Parks
  • Karin Kief
  • Laura Sanders
  • Mario Benton
  • Matt Chase
  • Michael Northover
  • Mike Mathews
  • Mohamad Abdul Karim
  • Rick Rivera
  • Sarah Singh
  • Steve Morse