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The Spotlights section of the homepage highlights PCC websites related to upcoming featured events, current campaigns and marketing efforts. The images are attention-getting, attractive, and come from Marketing and Communications.


  • Spotlights are not:
    • a sales tool for individual programs or classes

Development info

  • Stylesheet location: /source-v6/styles/applications/_home.scss
  • The Web Team adds spotlights to the page manually.
  • Full-sized spotlight images should be 340px by 370px and half-sized images should be 340px by 180px
    • Put full-sized spotlight images in the /about/spotlights/images/340x370/ folder and half-sized images in the /about/spotlights/images/340x180/ folder
  • Make sure to include descriptive alt text – include the text from the image
  • One announcement:
    <a href="">
      <img alt="" src="/about/spotlight/images/340x370/image-name.jpg">
  • Two announcements:
    <a href="">
      <img alt="" src="/about/spotlight/images/340x180/image-name.jpg">
    <a href="">
      <img alt="" src="/about/spotlight/images/340x180/image-name.jpg">


This space allows for images that contain limited text and link to a related website. Marketing and Communications typically provides the images. There can be one full-size or two half-size spotlights.

Responsive behavior

No change.


One spotlight


Two spotlights