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Sylvania Veterans Resource Center

Service update

During the current crisis to maintain social distancing standards we are working remotely, but we are open virtually.

The following services are still available at no cost to you:

  • A virtual space on Facebook to socialize with fellow students.
  • A virtual Discord space for group studying.
  • Resources for all of your needs.
  • A place to discuss confidential matters.
  • A wealth of knowledge on VA benefits and programs.
  • Guidance navigating PCC’s systems.
  • Lost? We’ll help you find what you need.
Or contact us

Our Vision

We envision an open and welcoming community that supports you in attaining your educational goals at PCC by offering guidance and assistance in accessing and securing available resources.

Our Mission

The PCC Sylvania Veterans Resource Center supports student success by providing everyone a space with access to resources, information, and an inclusive community.  We focus our efforts on academically, socially, culturally integrating current and former service members and their families into Portland Community College.

Welcome to the Veterans Resource Center at Sylvania

What we do for students and the college:
  • Information and services that support student retention and academic goal completion at PCC.
  • Assistance and guidance in the most effective ways to navigate the college administrative system.
  • Relevant information and resources to current and former service members and their families.
  • Consultation and expertise on veteran and military related issues to College faculty and Staff.
We provide all of the following services at no cost to you:
  • mug hot Coffee around the clock
  • cookie bite Snacks for the on-the-go student
  • couch Space to socialize with fellow students
  • pencil ruler Space for group studying
  • spa Quiet space for relaxation
  • print Computers and printing
  • book reader Textbook library for your use
  • user lock  Place to discuss confidential matters
  • flag usa  Wealth of knowledge on VA programs
  • comments dollar  Help making sense of VA benefits
  • compass Guidance navigating PCC’s systems
  • map marked  Lost?? We’ll walk you to where you need to be
We encourage you to get involved with us: