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Minutes 05-05-2010


A standing committee of the Education Advisory Committee
May 5, 2010
Sylvania CC, Conference Rm B

Members Present
x Ed DeGrauw, Chair x Pam Kessinger x Jim Parks
Ross Kouzes Marc Spaziani x Joe Wright
x Doug Jones x Tammy Dowd Jim Jeffery
Nancy Hutt x Rick Willebrand Andrew Cohen
x John Sparks x Heiko Spoddeck

Committee Support:

Committee support
x Jeff Triplett x Dorothy Badri x Andrew Roessler
x Stacey Timmins x Leslie Hackett Sally Earll
Dmitri Alvarado Steve Smith


Sandy Schramm Ed Lindsey Doug Smith
Jan Abushakrah Ivan Kidoguchi Frederick -CA Student Rep

Information Items from the Curriculum Office:

(These items do not require curriculum committee recommendation)

Experimental Courses:

PE 199E – East Coast Swing
PE 199D – Conditioning for Dance
PE 199C – Introduction to Dance
D 199N – Introduction to Dance

Course Inactivation:

All TE (Trades Extension) courses

Available Grading Option:

CAS 280W – CE: Web Site Development
AD 270A – Practicum
AD 270C – Prevention Practicum
AD 278 – Practicum Preparation
LAT 217 – Landscape Drafting
LAT 278 – Oregon LCP Exam Preparation
LAT 214 – Plant Composition 1
LAT 219 – Landscape Illustration
SOC 280A – Cooperative Education: Sociology
SOC 280B – Community Service and Action Seminar

Old Business:

286. OST 101 – Occupational Skills Training
Course Revision – Des, out

287. OST 101 – Occupational Skills Training
Related Instruction

288. PST 099 – On-the-Job Evaluation
Course Revision – Number, des, out
Recommend description:
Evaluates work traits, aptitudes, limitations, potentials and habits in an actual work environment, with specific focus on a particular occupation or industry. Instructor permission required.
and outcomes:

  • Compare and evaluate individual work traits, skills and aptitudes in order to make appropriate occupational choices.
  • Compare and evaluate physical capacities required in an occupation to make realistic evaluations of job suitability
  • Determine suitability for participation in Occupational Skills Training program (OST 101)

New Business:

291. FP 232 – Pump Const& Hydraulics II
Course Revision – Title, Des, Req, Out
Recommend transcript title: Fire App Driver/Operator II
and outcomes:
Students will be prepared to meet National Fire Protection Association 1002, Standard for Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications, Chapter 5, Apparatus Equipped with Fire Pump excluding producing a foam fire stream

292. CG 114 – Financial Survival for College Students
Course Revision – Des

293. GRN 172- Adult Care Home Training
New Course

294. GRN 268 – Techniques and Adaptive Strategies in Therapeutic Horticulture
Course Revision – Requisites

295. GRN 269 – Therapeutic Horticulture Skills I
Course Revision – Requisites

296. GRN 270 – Therapeutic Horticulture Programming for Older Adults and Children
Course Revision – Requisites

297. GRN 271 – Therapeutic Horticulture Skills II
Course Revision – Requisites

298. GRN 272 – Therapeutic Garden Design, Maintenance & Programming
Course Revision – Requisites