Agenda 9-15-2004

Curriculum Gen Ed Committee of the Educational Advisory Council

September 15, 2004
Sylvania Campus, 10:00-2:00 pm
Oak Room


EAC Bylaws were revised last year. Our revisions had been started the year before, but we put the process on hold, pending the EAC’s revisions. We should submit our revised bylaws at the beginning of the year. I have a draft which I intend to send out to you all within the next couple of weeks. If we can consider it ahead of time, and use the meeting for final tweaking, we could get that loose end tied up.

Revision of Curriculum Forms

Many have asked that we devise form that allows several kinds of changes to be made on a single form, with one set of signatures. I will have a draft to consider. If we can get this developed in time to present to folks at the SAC Chairs in-service, it would be great.

Conversion to 4 credits (starting at 11:00 AM)

This is the driving issue for this meeting. We need a plan (or a couple of plans) to present to the EAC in Fall, to allow the college to envision how the Curriculum approval aspect of 4-credit conversion would look.

Help on the web page

We need to incorporate some helpful hints onto the Curriculum website – guidance for curriculum development and modification. I have been working on something to help people with the numbers (credits, hours, lec vs lab vs coop etc). We need to include something about anticipating and pro-actively addressing course overlaps (with suggestions about different ways that can occur – Guy promised to work on that) , and we should also include some guidelines about when CCOGs are and are not required. Please consider anything else you think should be in there, and if you would, write up something about it.

Gen Ed Orphans

Last year a course in Health went looking for a Gen Ed designation, and it was not clear which distribution list it should go on. A proposed solution was to have one or another SAC sponsor the orphan, but while Soc SAC felt the course could be included as a Social Science, the Psych SAC did not really agree. This sort of question comes back to us (in just the same sort of way that Women’s Studies did a few years ago). We need to have clear guidelines for how to assign such courses, as well as course that might reasonable fit into two distribution lists (a situation we have avoided, with the singular exception of WS 101).