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Minutes 10-5-2005


October 5, 2005
4:00 – 5:00 pm

Committee Members:

Committee members
X Kendra Cawley, Chair X Pam Kessinger X Dieterich Steinmetz X Jim Straight
X Marlene Eid Jeff Josifek X Dan Findley Vong Ratts
Diane Kamali X Scot Leavitt Sheri Rochelle X Moe O’Connor
X Doris Werkman X Joe Wright

Committee Support:

Committee support
Frost Johnson Nan Poppe X Brett Williams X Susan Wilson


Annie Groeninger, Ron Bekey, Colin Goble, Rick Aman, Greg Rapp, Phil Seder.

The meeting was called to order at 4:04 p.m.

Everyone introduced themselves. Kendra then provided an overview of changes within the organization of the Curriculum Office and reasons for changing the meeting times for the committee.


358. CAS 113 – Enhancing Web Pages with JavaScript

Number Change: CAS 213

Description Change: replace “…form input, manipulating browser windows, and working with cookies.” With “…responding to mouse clicks and mouse-overs, working with text, images, windows and forms, and doing basic math operations.”

Outcomes Change: Add “—Develop simple projects demonstrating JavaScript techniques.



1. CAS 113 – Enhancing Web Pages with JavaScript

Credit Change: Current: 1 lecture; 2 lec/lab; 3 Credits

Proposed: 3 Lecture; 3 lab; 4 Credits


2. CS 133G – Introduction to Computer Games

New Course: See request for details


3. BA 270 – Global Business Management

New Course: See request for details

RECOMMENDED with the addition of BA 203 and 234 to recommended courses and revision of outcome number three to read “Appreciate the complexities of balancing company goals in the changing global market.”

General Business

Reine Thomas will be a frequent guest at the Curriculum Committee meetings to represent and gather knowledge for the Deans of Instruction.

Kendra shared information about a new process for updating CCOGs. It is at the beginning stages of planning. The goal is to have all information on CCOGs stored in Banner which will allow all portions of the CCOG to be updated as Banner is updated also. This will further allow timely and accurate updating of other publications on web pages and paper.

There was discussion about the components of the CCOGs and which sections are required and optional. Assessment Strategies is one such area discussed with concern about being required or not. It is not in all CCOGs at this time. The committee felt it is important to require these strategies for demonstration to other faculty, students and interested parties.

Related Instruction being designated in courses which have it embedded will need to be addressed. The Accreditation committee wants to see it, so PCC need to come up with a process to demonstrate how the instruction exists.

There may be a new definition of labs in the faculty contract. The Curriculum Committee is being discussed as the body to review which type of lab courses will fall into. There is ongoing discussion about what the appropriate group will be.

A meeting is planned for October 17th to discuss awarding credit to alternative learning such as non-credit and CEU courses. Jim Straight and Joe Wright will represent the Curriculum Committee at the meeting in Kendra’s absence.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:05 p.m.