Minutes 1-10-2007


A standing committee of the Education Advisory Committee
January 10, 2007 3 pm
Sylvania, CC- Conference Room B

Committee Members:

Committee members
x Kendra Cawley, Chair x Pam Kessinger x Ed DeGrauw
x Scott Quinn x Moe O’Connor x Doris Werkman
Dan Findley Tammy Dowd x Joe Wright
x Nancy Hutt x Scot Leavitt x Jim Jeffery
x Bob Allen x Todd Sanders

Committee Support:

Committee support
Amy Alday-Murray Chris Chairsell x Susan Wilson
x Rick Aman x Stacey Timmins


James Jansen James Harrison Ken Moore
Jim Parks Robert Steele Roy Torley
Sandy Schramm Ron Louie

Information Items from the Curriculum Office:

(These items do not require curriculum committee recommendation)

Experimental Course

CIS 199U – Introduction to Wireless Networking

CIS 199V- Wireless Security

Course Inactivation

CH 95 – Laboratory Techniques
PSY 220- Psychology: Applied
MCH 134 Introduction to the Machine Shop
MCH 136 Introduction to Automotive Machining
MCH 138 Automotive Machining – Lathe
MCH 137 Automotive Machining – Drill Press
MCH 139 Automotive Machining – Mill
MCH 140 Honing Machines & Operations
MCH 141 Brake Lathes & Operations
MCH 142 Valve Grinding Machines & Operations
MCH 224 Quality Analyst
MCH 226 CNC Grinder Programming
MCH 281 CNC Router Programming
MCH 250 Job Readiness
MCH 269 CNC Operator Program Award Level I
MCH 270 Vericut
MCH 286 Certified Enterprise Integrator Review
MCH 287 Certified Engineering Manager Review

Old Business

1. HUM 100 Introduction to Humanities
New Course
– General Education
-Transfer list B
– Diversity Designation
Postponed at SAC request

66. HST 111 – U.S. History: Skills and Issues
New Course
Recommend with CCOG to reflect 1 hour of lecture

85. CMET 237 Computer Aided Design III
Course Revision – Title
Postponed at SAC request

97. BCT 280C – Cooperative Education Building Construction Technology
Course Revision – Title, Outcomes

98. NUR 208 – Nursing Care of Clients with Emergent Health Care Needs
Course Revision – Description
Postponed at SAC request

128. RET 101 – Introduction to Wind Turbine Technology I
New Course

129. RET 141 – Electrical Motor and Generator Control
New Course

New Business

136. PE 180K – Masters Swimming
New Course
Recommend with removal of instructor permission from description

137. PE 182J – Gentle Yoga
New Course

138. PE 182U – Pilates II
New Course
Outcomes from New Course Form

139. CIS 279L – Linux Network Administration
Course Revision – Requisites
Recommend with removal of or instructor approval.

140. CIS 284 – Network Security
Course Revision – Requisites
Recommend with removal of or instructor approval.

141. CIS 285 – Security Tools
Course Revision – Requisites
Recommend with removal of or instructor approval.

142. CIS 286 – Computer Forensics
Course Revision – Requisites
Recommend with removal of or instructor approval.

143. CJA 244 – Tactical Communication in Critical Incidents
New Course
Recommend with information from CCOG

144. BCT 244 – Kitchen & Bath Cabinet Installation
Contact/Credit Hour Change

145. WR 228 – Police Report Writing
Contact/Credit Hour Change
Withdrawn at CJA SAC request

146. PST 101 – Professional Skills Training
Related Instruction