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first aid COVID-19 Impact

Summer (June 22 – September 6)
Swim classes will not be offered during summer term.

Fall ( September 21-December 13)
Swim classes will not be offered during fall term.

For more information on PCC’s college-wide response, visit: pcc.edu/coronavirus

Updated 7/31/2020 4:58pm

Swim With Community Ed

SwimPCC’s Swim with Community Ed program offers lessons for all ages, from babies to adults. Students learn swim strokes and water safety in a safe, clean environment and with a low student-to-teacher ratio. Our experienced instructors teach the American Red Cross swim curriculum and give personalized attention to each student. All students will be grouped with others of similar skill level at the first class.


The prerequisite for each level is the successful completion and/or demonstration of the skills from the preceding level. There is no prerequisite for level one.


Classes are held in the pool in the HT building at Sylvania Campus. You must purchase a 2-hour parking pass for $2.00 at one of the yellow PCC parking kiosks. Then you can park in any lot. Lot #12 on H Street is closest to the HT building. Parking is free at PCC on Saturdays.


Registration for this program must go through our office. Visit the swim registration and payment page for instructions.

Additional Information

Instructions for creating a student account

  1. If you do not already have a MyPCC student profile, create a non-credit MyPCC student account for the student who would like to enroll in Swim classes.
  2. Visit pcc.edu/nc
  3. Select the “Create Your Account” option
  4. Select the “Apply as a non-credit” student option
  5. Follow the prompts for your student

Instructions for inputting consent to release form in My.PCC

  1. Log into your my.pcc account.
  2. From your my.pcc Home tab, scroll down to the “Quick Links” menu.
  3. Select “Consent to Release.”
  4. Fill in all required information on the electronic “Consent to Release” form.
    1. Select all the types of records you would like shared.
    2. The most common selections for Swim students are “Course Schedule,” “Student Finances,” “Enrollment Status,” and “Attendance”
  5. When you have filled out all required information, click “Add this Name.”
  6. If you would like to add multiple people, click “return” and repeat steps 6 and 7.

What is FERPA?

Please note FERPA regulation requires a consent to release form disclosing Student Finances for any third party making a payment on a student’s account. This includes a parent making a payment on behalf of a minor student.

FERPA also requires a consent to release disclosing “Course Schedule,” “Enrollment Status,” and “Attendance” for any third party seeking information regarding a student’s schedule, including registration confirmations.

If you do not have a consent to release on file at the time of registration, you will still be able to register for the class. However, communication from the College regarding their courses and finances will not be sent to the parents or guardians enrolling the student into the class.


To register

For various reasons, you can not register through the main PCC Enrollment Services office. Registration for this program must go through our office:

  1. Select a class from the online catalog and write down its 5-digit CRN.
  2. Complete the registration process listed on the swim registration and payment page.