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Posted in 2018

group of students follow the lesson in a classroom with a globe in the photo 10 Languages to Learn in 2019 8
Community Ed’s language classes are a fun way to explore the world without leaving the creature comforts of Portland. Learning […] Posted December 14, 2018
Friends Happiness Enjoying Dinning Eating a Meal Community Ed has a little something for every Foodie this Winter
Portland loves food, and for many food aficionados, consuming food and drink is part of a five-act art production. True […] Posted December 12, 2018
woman demonstrating wool felting Develop Skills, Meet Friends, Learn All the Right Moves – Get Crafty with Community Ed
Knitting, quilting, sewing and other crafts are popular pastimes for people of all ages; even so, they are more than […] Posted December 4, 2018
Man preparing bread dough on wooden table in a bakery Learn How to Bake Bread with Community Ed
Why settle for store-bought bread when you can make your own? Bread is not only tasty, but eating bread is […] Posted November 30, 2018
2019 PCC travel fair dates 2019 Travel Fair Schedule: Discover Your Next Adventure! 4
Portugal, Ghana, Colombia, Or Jordan? PCC Community Ed Travel is excited to announce our full, 2019 trip schedule. View all […] Posted September 20, 2018
Instructor, Sue Wendell How to Make Public Speaking a Rewarding Experience for All
When you talk to folks about public speaking, many┬áturn ashen, shake their heads, and exclaim that they would never voluntarily […] Posted August 20, 2018
Unrecognizable senior man with his grandaughter planting a seedling on allotment. Man and a small girl gardening. Gain a Refreshing Perspective with Permaculture
The term “permaculture” was coined in the late 1970s and originally referred to “permanent agriculture” but was later expanded to […] Posted August 13, 2018
Tasha Harmon, Instructor of Tools for Getting Unstuck workshop. Steering from Our Center – Core Values as Signposts on the Journey to a Fulfilling Life
We all want to make good choices that will lead us to fulfilling work and lives, but how do we […] Posted August 7, 2018
silhouette of photographer taking photo at sunset Take Your Camera Outside with Curiosity and Confidence (5 Secrets for Better Photographs)
Photography is a highly subjective art form with many variables. Your approach to each photo is dictated by your subject, […] Posted August 3, 2018
📣🍂 The Fall 2018 Class Schedule is Finally Here! 🍂📣
Just in the nick of time, PCC Community Ed’s fall 2018 class schedule is ready online for all to see! […] Posted July 30, 2018