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Community Ed has a little something for every Foodie this Winter

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Portland loves food, and for many food aficionados, consuming food and drink is part of a five-act art production. True food enthusiasts can distinguish different notes in the drinks they consume and enjoy distinguished flavors in their foods. A true foodie event may take into account lighting, ambiance – a personally curated guest list. They enjoy making intricate dishes to dazzle the taste buds of their friends and acquaintances. In Portland, some are said to pair obscure vintage vinyl and savory tarts filled with locally grown root vegetables and tubers.

Whatever your taste – if you are a self-proclaimed “foodie” who is passionate about food and drink, Portland is an ideal location in which to live and learn. Internationally known for its food scene, our city has something for even the most refined (or quirky) tastes. To improve your food experiences or culinary skills, or to impress at your next dinner party, consider these food and drink classes from PCC Community Education.

1. Beer and Chocolate Pairing

Bean-to-bar chocolate is quickly taking over the dessert scene in Portland, and this course will teach you which beer styles pair the best with different types of chocolate. In Beer and Chocolate Pairing, you will have the opportunity to taste six beers, ranging from light lagers to imperial barrel-aged ales. Pair them with different types of chocolate to find the ideal mix Whether you’re heading to a chocolate bar or choosing a gift for Valentine’s Day, this course will help you improve your chocolate experience.

2. A World of Meatballs

Do you think of Italian food when you think of meatballs? Be amazed at the different flavors of meatballs found around the world by taking A World of Meatballs. You’ll also learn that not all meatballs are made from beef or turkey, either. Taste Mexican fish-balls in tomato salsa, then move on to the Asian chicken sesame-ginger meatballs and even Persian lamb meatballs. And don’t worry, there will be traditional Italian meatballs included, too. This class is a demonstration class, so not only will you have the chance to sample the food, but you’ll also learn some new culinary techniques.

3. Tapas from the South of Spain

Think you know tapas? Think again! Even the most dedicated food enthusiasts may be surprised by some of the truth behind this hot dining trend. Come to Tapas from the South of Spain to learn the history of the small plate, and then sit back and enjoy learning to make some of the most popular ones. From fried calamari to seafood salpicon and even Seville eggplant, you will get to create and then taste some of the most common tapas dishes. Amaze your friends with your newly learned skills and knowledge at your next dinner party!

4. Home Coffee Brewing

Did you know that many Americans are spending more on coffee than their retirement plans? Learn how to use the most popular brewing methods to make your own cup of specialty coffee, and save some money, with Home Coffee Brewing. Then, taste the different brews side-by-side to give yourself the chance to carefully analyze the different flavors. Discover your favorite brewing method and then take it with you to make your own coffee at home.

5. Ethiopian Cuisine

From the spice of berbere to the flavors of cardamom, Ethiopian cuisine is quite distinctive, and this course will teach you how to use it all expertly. Learn to make the vegetarian dishes that are native to Ethiopia and embrace the rich flavors of Ethiopian spices. You just might come away with some new cooking techniques while you are there!

6. Artisan Bread Baking: French Bread

The crunch of the crust combined with the soft bread makes French bread distinctive, and in this course you can learn the science and art behind making this artisan-style bread. Yet all it takes to make this treat is water, flour, salt and yeast. Learn how to make it in Artisan Bread Baking: French Bread. You will get hands-on training to bake your own fresh loaf of French bread using simple ingredients, and walk away with your loaf and the gratification that comes from mixing, kneading, forming, and baking your own loaf of bread.

7. The Art of Making Kombucha

Kombucha is taking the world by storm, and Portland has its own share of Kombucha taprooms where you can sample local brews, but nothing is more local than fermenting your own. If the idea of fermenting kombucha is intimidating, The Art of Making Kombucha will help. Learn how to safely ferment your own kombucha at home, then learn the different flavors available. Leave with a complete brewing kit so you will be ready to go and brew your own safely.

8. Yakimono: Grilling Japanese Style

Take your Portland summer grilling up a notch with Yakimono: Grilling Japaneses Style. This course will teach you how to cook with fire like the Japanese do. Whether grilling on a campfire or a grill, you will learn how to effectively cook dishes like kushiyaki, grilled fish, and even grilled rice!

9. Lamb: Complete Fabrication and Cooking Recommendations

Do you find yourself intimidated by lamb? Lamb: Complete Fabrication and Cooking Recommendations will get you started on this elegant protein. This hands-on course will take you from butchery to preparation and cooking. Walk away with 15 to 20 pounds of lamb cuts, a boning knife, and a cut-resistant glove to help you prepare decedent lamb dishes that are sure to impress.

10. Water Bath Canning: Introduction

Canning not only helps you save money and decrease food waste, but it also allows you to create your own flavors right at home. Get started with Water Bath Canning: Introduction. Learn the right equipment and the safety measures you will need to get great, healthy results.

Which of these food and drink classes catch your eye? Whether you’re looking to expand the cultural flavors of your home-cooked dishes or simply want to experience some new flavors that are expertly crafted, PCC Community Education can help you expand your skills and knowledge of the culinary world, and in a fun, interactive environment. Visit our Food and Drinks Courses page to learn about all of the available food and drink classes.

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