Organizational Guide

The following top-level department directory is based on the college organizational charts created by the office of Institutional Effectiveness. Please let us know if you spot any information that needs to be updated.

There are several more directories available: Academic Programs, Student Resources, Faculty/Staff Resources, Faculty Department Chair List, Subject Area Committee Chair List, Department Phone List.

District Administration

Board of Directors Board Chair, Deanna Palm

Zone 1 Representative Director, Denise Frisbee

Zone 2 Representative Director, Kali Thorne Ladd

Zone 3 RepresentativeDirector, Courtney Wilton

Zone 4 RepresentativeDirector, Jim Harper

Zone 5 RepresentativeVice Chair, Ken Madden

Zone 6 RepresentativeDirector, Gene Pitts

Zone 7 RepresentativeBoard Chair, Deanna Palm

Board AssistantJeannie Moton

PCC President Dr. Jeremy Brown

Chief of Staff Dr. Traci Fordham

Vice PresidentSylvia Kelley

Bond ProgramDirector, Linda Degman

Capitol Project Finance Manager, Kathy Kiaunis

Bond Technology Project Manager, Debra Jarcho

Managing Architect Greg Bennett

Public Safety Director, Ken Goodwin

Public Safety Lieutenant, Derrick Foxworth

Communications/Dispatch Coordinator, Christine Dibble

Human Resources Director, Lisa Bledsoe

Compensation/Benefits Manager, Jennifer de Laix

Employment Services Manager, Maureen Judge-Morris

HR Information Systems Manager, Julie Kinney

Employee Relations Interim Manager, Cheryl Belt

Workforce Development and Community EducationAssociate Vice President, Marc Goldberg

Career PathwaysProgram Manager, Kate Kinder Doyle

Community EducationDirector, Tonya Booker

Multnomah County Workforce DevelopmentDirector, Amy Youngflesh

Washington County Workforce DevelopmentInterim Director, Ken Dodge

CLIMB Center for AdvancementExecutive Director, Bob Hanks

Occupational Skills TrainingDirector, Christopher Brady

Corrections EducationDirector, Vacant

Academic & Student AffairsVice President Christine Chairsell

Grants Interim Director, Vanessa Wood

Institutional Effectiveness Director, Laura Massey

Perkins, Title I, Accreditation Coordinator, Jan Wetzel Volinski

Professional & Organizational Development Interim Manager, Traci Boyle-Galestiantz

Academic AffairsDean, Kendra Cawley

Distance Education/Instructional SupportDirector, Loraine Schmitt

PACTEC / Dual CreditProgram Manager, Beth Molenkamp

Community-Based LearningCoordinator, Hannah Cherry

International EducationDirector, Vacant

Curriculum SupportDirector, Anne Haberkern

Student Affairs Interim Dean, Tammy Billick

Financial Aid Director, Bert Logan

Registrar Interim, Kristin Benson

Outreach, Orientation, and Enrollment Services Director, Darilis Garcia-McMillian

Student Systems Manager, Jody Potter

Disability Services Director, Kaela Parks

Title III Grant Project Director, Rhonda Boyd

LibrariesDirector, Donna Reed

Access ServiceInterim Manager, Will Parnell

Library Technology Manager, Maria Wagner

Reference Faculty Chair, Pam Kessinger

Administrative ServicesVice President, Gordie Herbst

Auxiliary Services Director, Linda Eden

Bookstores Manager, Ken Brown

Food/Vending Services Manager, Dianna Benting

Print Center Manager, Amber Cagle

Transportation/Parking Services Manager, Kathleen McMullen

Auxiliary Services SupportManager, Amber Cagle

Technology Solutions Services Associate Vice President, Leslie Riester

Solution Services Interim Manager, Hank Schottland

Technical Services Manager, Vacant

Information Security Manager, Terry Nickerson

Media Services Manager, Marty Brown

Facilities Management Interim Director, Keith Gregory

Energy Manager, Laura Ward

District Operations Manager, Dale Hanson

Architect/Project ManagerKathy Fukuyama

Facilities Support ServicesManager, John MacLean

SustainabilityInterim Manager, Briar Schoon

GroundsInterim Manager, Jack Lussier

Project Managers Steven Borcherding, Jeff Brandt, Donna Bezio

Financial ServicesAssociate Vice President, Jim Langstraat

Accounting Services Division Manager, Jim Crofts

BudgetDivision Manager, Christina Day

Bursar/TreasuryDivision Manager, Dee Wilson

Financial Systems Support Manager, Samantha Hopf

Payroll Manager, Teri Hunt

Safety/Risk ManagementManager, Chris Ells

ProcurementDivision Manager, Steve Hopf

College AdvancementAssociate Vice President, Rob Wagner

Government RelationsDirector, Meghan Moyer

CommunicationsDirector, Cate Soulages

Marketing Manager, Jennifer Boehmer

Public Relations Manager, Kate Chester

FoundationDevelopment Director, Vacant

FoundationManaging Director, Mary Kalafatis

Bond OfficeManager of Public Involvement, Gina Whitehill-Baziuk

Office of Equity and Inclusion Director, Kimberly Baker-Flowers

Cascade CampusCampus President, Karin Edwards

Community Relations Manager, Abe Proctor

Instruction Dean, Kurt Simonds

Allied Health, Emergency & Legal ServicesDivision Dean, John Saito

Arts & ProfessionsDivision Dean, Dan Wenger

Liberal Arts & Pre-College ProgramsDivision Dean, Nancy Wessel

Math, Science, Health & PEDivision Dean, Alyson Lighthart

Student Development Dean, Linda Reisser

Student DevelopmentAssociate Dean, Joseph Fischer

Cascade Roots ProgramDirector, Claire Oliveros

CounselingFaculty Chair, Pam Miller-Tatro

Career Exploration, Job & Internships CoordinatorCoordinator, Becky Washington

Student Leadership ProgramsCoordinator, Kendi Esary

Multicultural CenterCoordinator, Luke Givens

Woman's Resource CenterCoordinator, Debbie Stone

Rock Creek Campus Campus President, Sandra Fowler-Hill

Community RelationsManager, Janis Nichols

InstructionDean, Cheryl Scott

Business Applied Technology & College Preparation DivisionDivision Dean, Karen Sanders

Communications & HumanitiesDivision Dean, Jackie Sandquist

FacilitiesCoordinator, Jeff Wilson

Math, Aviation & Industrial Technology Division Dean, Irene Giustini

Science & TechnologyDivision Dean, Betsy Julian

Social Science & HealthDivision Dean, Dana Fuller

Student DevelopmentDean, Narce Rodriguez

Student DevelopmentAssociate Dean, Vacant

Jobs & InternshipsCoordinator, Nancy Pitzer

Counseling Chair, Jim Earley

Student Leadership / Intramurals Coordinator, Mandy Ellertson

Testing ServicesCoordinator, Shannon Haller

TRIO Educational Talent Search Program Director, Vicky Lopez Sanchez

Veterans Resource CenterInterim Coordinator, Jaime Rodriguez

Queer Resource Center Interim Coordinators, Nora Lindsey, Carol Claassen

Sylvania Campus Interim Campus President, Suzanne Johnson

Community Relations Interim Manager, Karen Kane

InstructionInterim Dean, Loretta Goldy

Math & Industrial Technology Division Dean, Dan Findley

English World Languages Division Dean, David Stout

Visual Performing Arts and DesignDivision Dean, Gene Flores

Business, Computer Technology & Real EstateDivision Dean, Charmagne Ehrenhaus

Science & EngineeringDivision Dean, Dieterich Steinmetz

Social SciencesInterim Division Dean, Sarah Tillery

Health Professionals, E. Ed, Family Studies & Fit TechDivision Dean, Jennifer Piper

Teaching Learning CenterCoordinators, Dorothy Payton & Erin Edwards

Student DevelopmentDean, Heather Lang

Campus Student ServicesAssociate Dean, Carrie Weikel-Delaplane

Student Support ServicesDivision Dean, Karen Paez

Multicultural CenterCoordinator, Amara Perez

Student LeadershipCoordinator, Stephen Arthur

Roots ProgramDirector, Michele Cruse

Women's Resource CenterInterim Coordinator, Jeannie LaFrance

Southeast / Extended Learning CampusCampus President, Jessica Howard

Community RelationsManager, Christine Egan

InstructionDean, Craig Kolins

Math, Sciences & Career Tech EducationDean, Alfred McQuarters

Liberal Arts & Pre-CollegeDivision Dean, Julie Kopet

LinksDirector, Pamela Blumenthal

Student DevelopmentDean, Miriam Friedman

Student DevelopmentAssociate Dean, Tricia Brand

Women's Resource CenterCoordinator, May Donohue

Career Exploration CenterCoordinator, Tracee Wells

Multicultural CenterCoordinator, Rut Martinez-Alicia

Counseling/Career GuidanceChair, Angelina Davis

Student LeadershipCoordinator, Josh Peters McBride