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For web editors

Learn how to add videos in WordPress.

Like photography, videos liven up your page and are a great way to show off your students, staff, or facility. We can embed single videos or playlists, but videos must be hosted on the official PCC YouTube channel and be fully captioned before we can put them on the website.

I need a video to put on the website

PCC offers full video creation and captioning for both instructional and promotional purposes. Contact Media Support by filling out their Media Production Request form to get started with your video project.

I already have a video to put on the website

My video is on the PCC Youtube channel and is fully captioned

Great! Email the web team a link to the video and the URL of the page where you want the video to appear. We will work with you to make sure that the video enhances the content already on the page.

My video isn’t on the PCC YouTube channel or isn’t fully captioned
  • If your video was created by PCC Media Support – they will caption the video and upload it to YouTube.
  • If your video was created by a source outside PCC (including yourself) – contact Media Support by filling out the Media Production Request form and describing your needs. Your video will need to be evaluated for copyright, quality, and accessibility. You may be responsible for creating a transcript (or paying an outside resource to do so).
  • If your video is located somewhere other than the official PCC YouTube channel – our policy states that we can’t include the video on your page. This includes videos on channels such as other colleges or universities and outside organizations.