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For web editors

Learn how to add photos in WordPress.

Photos liven up your page and are a great way to show off your students, staff, or facility. We encourage you to use them. You can include photos individually on the page, or as part of a slideshow.

Photo guidelines

Image with text saying 'I'm not accessible'

Images with text

Images that include text, such as event posters, aren’t accessible for people with disabilities. Plus, the text often becomes too small to read on smaller screens. For these reasons, we won’t include images with text on the website except in special cases.

If you want to include an event poster, we’ll create a web page with the relevant information and include any artistic elements from the poster as images on the page. If you want text over the top of an image, a slideshow with a caption is a good alternative.

Copyright symbol

Attribution and copyright

Don’t use Google Images for finding photos or clipart – almost everything is someone else’s property. Stock photography also looks less authentic and realistic – people want to see PCC!

Very pixelated image of a man

Image quality

Try to choose photos that are in focus, evenly lit, not pixelated or grainy, and have a good composition.

Photo sizing

We can include images on a page at three different sizes – 25%, 50%, and 100% of the width of the page. On most pages, images will be either 25% or 50%. 100% width is reserved for event and campaign banner images, which usually come from Marketing and Communications.

When sending us photos, it’s best to send the highest quality version you have. At least 600px wide is best. We handle the cropping and resizing on our end.


Cascade Campus

Cascade campus

Rock Creek Campus

Rock Creek Campus

Southeast Campus

Southeast campus

Sylvania Campus

Sylvania Campus

If you have more than one related photo to include on a page, you have the option to put the images in a slideshow. The images must be:

  • Ideally landscape (horizontal) orientation. Vertical images will have the top and bottom cropped off.
  • Limited to around 6 images.

Slideshows can have optional captions on some or all of the slides, and the captions can include links.

Grumpy tabby catCat in the darkTwo kittens in a blanket

Need help finding a photo to use?