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Content management

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Formatting page content

Creating a hierarchy makes your pages easier to read, and is really important for accessibility. Check out the page formatting guide to learn about:

  • Naming your pages
  • Using headings to divide content into sections
  • Nesting headings properly
  • Using callouts and other page components to organize your pages

Writing for the web

People read differently on the web than they do in books or other print mediums. The writing style guide has tips about:

  • Keeping your content short and sweet
  • Writing like you talk
  • Organizing your information and using headings
  • Using helpful and accessible link text (no “click here” or “learn more”)
  • Defining acronyms the first time they appear on the page
PCC writing guidelines

The writing style guide also covers some PCC-specific writing guidelines, such as:

  • Do you capitalize College? What about campus?
  • Using “you” not “the student”
  • Using “website” not “Web site”, and other commonly misspelled words
  • Formatting dates and times