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Sidebar navigation

For web editors

Learn how to use the sidebar in WordPress.

The sidebar navigation is the way to go if you want the links present on more than one of your pages. Sidebar navigations can accommodate a larger number of links than gallery navigations, but remember that having too many links is overwhelming for users. You can break the links into sections with a heading if desired. The sidebar is on the right side of our pages.

Gallery navigation

For web editors

Learn how to use callouts in WordPress.

Gallery navigations are great for your homepage. They should be limited to approximately four items and should lead users to your site’s main sub-pages. The boxes line up horizontally and form a grid if they wrap onto multiple lines. Mix and match from the following configurations:

  • With images or without
  • With icons from our icon library
  • With multiple links
  • With the entire box as a link
Boxes as links, with images
Multiple links
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