The Illumination Project

Sylvania CC 232 | Coordinator: Jeannie LaFrance | 971-722-8149

The Illumination Project (IP) is Portland Community College’s innovative student leadership and education program designed to foster a climate of equality, compassion, justice, and respect for all people in the PCC academic community and the community-at-large.

The Illumination Project uses interactive social justice theater as a venue for Student Educators and audience members to join together to rehearse ways of solving problems. Interactive theater, with its capacity to engage diverse learning styles and members of a community, is an ideal way to challenge racism, sexism, heterosexism, and other forms of oppression. In performances audience members enter a scene and dynamically change its outcome. In this way, the Illumination Project challenges the viewpoints of both the audience and the actors/Student Educators in a performance.

The Illumination Project is a program of the Sylvania Women’s Resource Center and finds additional support from the Sylvania Campus President’s Office, Multicultural Center, Sociology and Theater Departments.

Current Topic and Events

Spring term 2018, the Illumination Project will focus on classism. Our goal is to create a campus community that values people of all backgrounds. Our plays focus on the challenges faced by people of color, immigrants and people of differing sexual orientations and gender identities. These plays will reflect the desire for all individuals to be respected and included in our academic and greater community.

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