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Sylvania Multicultural Center logoGrounded in critical theory of adult learning, popular education, and a social justice framework, the mission of the Sylvania Multicultural Center is to support the recruitment, retention, and holistic (academic, leadership, professional) success of students of color and to advance diversity, inclusion, and equity campus and district wide.

Centrally located in the CC Building, Room 231, the MC values academic achievement, community-building, and social justice, which is demonstrated through our services and resources, activities and events, and wide variety of leadership opportunities for all students!

Our goals include:

  • Serving as a welcoming and inclusive space for diverse students by creating a student-led academic learning space and community to connect students to one another, campus and community resources, and leadership opportunities.
  • Raising awareness on critical issues including: race/ethnicity, identity, culture, power, oppression, equity, and social justice.
  • Promoting critical conversations through student-led activities and programs.
  • Building the academic, professional, and leadership skills of students of color.
  • Building a welcoming and inclusive campus climate.
  • Collaborating with campus, district, and community partners to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity.
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Student-led Campus Climate Research Project

Developed in 2010, the Student-led Campus Climate Research Project is a central component of the MC Social Justice Leadership Program. Each year the student leader cohort selects a research topic related to campus climate. Drawing from the model of participatory action research, student leaders are provided an opportunity to conduct formal research on the needs, experiences, and perceptions of students of color at PCC Sylvania and make recommendations for change.

Services and resources

We serve the entire Sylvania Campus student body by providing:

  • One-on-one peer tutoring
  • A quiet place to study & do homework
  • Information on campus resources & services
  • A scholarship bank for diverse students
  • Tours to college and university campuses and multicultural centers
  • Information on internships and volunteer opportunities with local community based social justice organizations

Campus events and activities

  • Revolutionary Film Series
    Features documentaries and movies on social, cultural, economic, political, and environmental issues.
  • Real Talk Discussion Group
    Student-led discussions on REAL issues affecting students, families, communities, and society. Share your opinion and learn what others think.
  • Voices of a People’s History
    Student-led performance featuring the words of rebels, dissenters, and visionaries from our past and present. Don’t miss this extraordinary event when these voices of struggle and liberation come alive through the voices of PCC students!
  • Sylvania’s Signature Diversity Event: Annual Winter Pow-Wow
    The Annual Winter Pow Wow is a celebration of Native American culture and ancestry featuring traditional food, arts and crafts vendors, drum groups, and dancers from across the region, attracting more than 1,000 participants each year.