Replication manual and DVD

The Illumination Project replication manual and DVD provide both logistical and theoretical background for operating a social justice theater program at institutions of higher education. The materials highlight the effectiveness of the program and its impact on Student Educators, audience members, and the college campus as a whole. Below is a description of the manual and DVD.

You may purchase the Illumination Project DVD and manual separately or together. Please note: During the ordering process you will be asked for a student ID number. Please enter 9999 as your ID number.

The Illumination Project manual


The Illumination Project manual – review the Executive Summary and Table of Contents.

A guide to creating an interactive theater program at your college or university by Jeannie LaFrance.

The Illumination Project: A Guide to Creating an Interactive Theater Program at Your College or University provides faculty and staff with an accessible and practical guide to re-creating this interactive theater and student development program at their own educational institutions. By making connections between academics and student development, oppression and art, and education and social justice, the Illumination Project builds bridges and creates a more inclusive campus community. Features of this edition include practical information about:

  • creating the infrastructure for a campus-based interactive theater program
  • recruiting Student Educators as well as audience members
  • building community through theatre-based games
  • exploring social and political issues through theatre-based exercises
  • developing performance material, including sample plays
  • producing and facilitating public performances
  • accompanying curriculum for faculty use pre- and post-performance

This manual is 402 pages long and can be used as a stand-alone guide or as a companion to the DVD, The Illumination Project, which depicts a year in the life of the Illumination Project Student Educators.

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The Illumination Project DVD

Film overview

DVD cover

  • Produced by: Sara Robbins, Michael Annus, and Jeannie LaFrance
  • Running time: 61 minutes (with two shorter versions included)
  • Widescreen
  • English subtitles
  • PCC ©2010

A film about social justice, risky theater, and pink cell phones.

Experience Portland Community College’s Illumination Project in this inspirational documentary.

More than just a logistical “how to” video this film takes you to the heart of the Illumination Project. Each year the Illumination Project tackles different issues regarding discrimination and oppression.  During one academic year, a professional film crew followed students as they learned about racism and homophobia and created interactive plays based on their personal experiences with these issues.

This film is a testament to the Student Educators, their passion for social justice, and a college program that transforms a community.

This DVD can be used as a stand-alone documentary or as a companion to the replication manual, The Illumination Project: A guide to creating an interactive theater program at your college or university.

Cost: $12.99 buy the Illumination Project DVD

Cost of Manual and DVD set: $40.00buy the manual and DVD

This project was funded through the Ford Foundation’s Difficult Dialogues Initiative.

What students are saying

"I have grown so much in the Illumination Project. It has given me an emotionally safe place to learn more about oppression – and be creative – while I am learning to educate others about oppression in order to create positive change.

"In this class learning is hands-on with a variety of learning experiences. It is an excellent introduction into college for many. This class has given me actual tools I can take out into the world." April Burris, Student Educator