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Evacuation Drills

Each year the Department of Public Safety tests emergency evacuation procedures at Portland Community College (PCC). This requires activation of the emergency notification system(s) and mobilization of the Emergency Evacuation Teams. Whether you are a PCC visitor, student, or employee, your participation in these exercises is strongly encouraged.

Benefits of participating in evacuation drills

Participating in evacuation drills is important for a number of reasons. Here are a just a few:

  • PCC visitors, students, and employees learn where the nearest exit routes and Safe Assembly Areas (SAA) are located on PCC property. Knowing this information in advance can expedite evacuation procedures in an emergency.
  • Visitors, students, and employees gain familiarity with PCC’s emergency notification system(s). For example, when the On Campus Emergency Announcement System (OCEANS) is activated, an audible tone and message can be heard. In an emergency, those who are familiar with these systems are more likely to respond appropriately than those who are not.
  • Exercise participants have an opportunity to both learn and practice how to respond in an emergency before one occurs. This experience not only reduces confusion and anxiety in an emergency, it also improves response operations.
  • Evacuation team members develop critical skills, test and utilize pertinent equipment, and evaluate their ability to perform evacuation procedures so that corrective actions can be implemented before an emergency occurs.

In short, exercises that are designed to test emergency preparedness and response procedures, such as evacuation drills, help to reinforce the critical skills needed in an emergency.

Individuals with access and functional needs

The Department of Public Safety is committed to providing equal access to emergency services. This includes relevant emergency preparedness information, timely emergency notifications, and reasonable mobility accommodations. If for any reason you are unable to participate in emergency evacuation drills or activities please contact Disability Services to arrange accommodations. For those who cannot exit PCC facilities during an evacuation, please attempt to move to the nearest stairwell or exit so that first responders can readily find you. Similarly, PCC Evacuation Teams will assist in directing first responders to these locations.

PCC Disability Services can also be reached via:
Phone: (971) 722-4341
Email: disability.services@pcc.edu

Evacuation drill message

To hear what the message sounds like during an evacuation drill, please press play on the video below.

Safe assembly area maps