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Notification Methods

When potentially hazardous situations occur, the college community will be notified using integrated equipment that incorporates both audio and visual cues so critical information is both easily and equitably accessible. Examples include: smoke and fire detectors, PCC’s On-Campus Emergency Announcement System (OCEANS), and PCC Alerts for phone, SMS text, and teletypewriter (TTY) messaging. To sign up for PCC Alerts click here.

Caution: The loud sound of alarms and intermittent flashing lights typically associated with emergency apparatus can be overly stimulating to some individuals. This is particularly true for people with light and sound sensitivities, such as those with photosensitive epilepsy, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For this reason, please exercise caution as you listen to the following evacuation drill message:

To hear what the message sounds like during an evacuation drill, please press play on the video below.