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Services and Policies

Courtesy Services

To request one of these services, call the non-emergency Public Safety phone number: 971-722-4902

As a courtesy to our students, staff, and members of the academic community, the Department of Public Safety provides a number of helpful services on campus including, but not limited to:

Safety Escorts

Public safety officers are available to provide escorts to students and staff from campus buildings and to their personal vehicles located on campus. The use of this service is especially encouraged after daylight hours.

Battery Jumps

College public safety vehicles are equipped with a battery jump kit in order to assist individuals parked on campus whose vehicle may need a battery jump.

Vehicle Lock Outs

Public safety officers have special equipment and training to assist individuals who have locked their keys in their vehicles. Persons requesting this service must be parked on campus property and must provide proof of ownership (vehicle registration) and drivers license.

Room Unlocks

Officers assist authorized persons with unlocks to classrooms and offices. Students can be authorized to enter without an instructor present if they have previous written permission from that instructor or if they have left property in a classroom. Written permission can be in the form of an interoffice memo or an email sent to publsafe@pcc.edu.

Safety Presentations and Drills

The Department of Public Safety offers an hour-long Active Threat Response presentation to groups of five or more people and is available to all staff and students.  You may also view an abbreviated version of this presentation. Call Public Safety to coordinate training.


Access to Secure Spaces on Campus

In an effort to maintain the security of our rooms and spaces, public safety will no longer be unlocking secure spaces without prior authorization from the project manager.

Why the change

In recent months, IT has become more stringent in their access to IDF and MDF closets. To follow suit, the Department of Public Safety will be referring all contractors that have not been previously authorized for the space to Facilities Management Services (FMS).

How to become pre-authorized

To ensure that your project is not delayed, please email publsafe@pcc.edu with the subject line “Authorization for Access.”

In the body of the email, please make sure to include the following information:

1. Name of the contractor company
2. Names of ALL individuals authorized that need access
3. Building and room information for ALL areas the contractors will need access to
4. Name and contact information of the project manager and/or PCC contact person
5. Exact dates of when the contractors will be doing the work

This process is to make sure that we are unlocking secure spaces only for appropriate use.

You can also ensure access by having the contractors check out keys from the FMS office.

Weapons on PCC Property

The possession of any dangerous weapon or deadly weapon (as defined in ORS 161.015) on college property is prohibited unless possessed by a certified law enforcement or public safety officer, as part of a college activity where such possession has been specifically granted, or in compliance with applicable Oregon State law (ORS 166.370).

The possession of a firearm, whether carried openly or otherwise in violation of ORS 166.370, is disruptive to the college’s mission and authority to maintain a safe and uninterrupted educational environment on all PCC facilities and properties.

The College through the Department of Public Safety will exercise its authority granted to the College by Oregon Revised Statutes to maintain a safe and uninterrupted educational environment at all times on PCC facilities and properties.  Any individual who is disruptive to the educational environment on college property is subject to being escorted off campus by a Public Safety Officer or local law enforcement officer, college disciplinary action and/or arrest in accordance with state and federal laws, including ORS 166.370.

Tobacco Policy

See Portland Community College’s Tobacco use policy.

For more information, Oregon’s new laws regarding tobacco use.