Crime prevention

The Department of Public Safety believes it is better to prevent crimes than to react after the fact. Crime prevention takes many forms for the college and is accomplished through proactive patrols of the campus properties by foot, bicycle, or vehicle, the implementation and use of video surveillance systems, and information sharing with local law enforcement agencies. If you would like to speak with a campus public safety representative in regard to crime prevention, please contact your campus DPS office.

Credit card fraud and identity theft

Destroy expired credit cards. Limit the amount of confidential information you carry in your purse or wallet, such as passports, social security cards, and bank account numbers. Review your credit card and bank statements regularly to ensure there is no fraudulent activity. If you believe you have been a victim of identity theft, report the crime to the police immediately.

Harassing or threatening phone calls

Do not give your name, address, or personal information on a voicemail message or in a conversation with unknown persons. Hang up immediately and document the number if you have caller ID. If calls continue, keep a log of the date/time received and anything that was said. Notify Public Safety or law enforcement if calls continue.

Harassing or threatening emails and direct messages

Report harassing/threatening emails or direct messages received on campus to Public Safety. Save these messages so that they can be reviewed by Public Safety or law enforcement.

Laptop computers

Avoid leaving your computer unattended in any public space for any amount of time. Always secure your laptop in a locked place when not in use.

Office security

Keep your valuable and personal property secured. Help protect your property and the property of others by being alert to unfamiliar persons in your area. Report suspicious persons or activities immediately to Public Safety.

Parking lot safety

Be aware of your surroundings. Watch for suspicious persons or activities as you are walking to your vehicle. Have your keys in hand so that you don’t have to search for them when you reach your vehicle. Try to park in well-lit areas.

Suspicious persons or activity

Be alert to your surroundings and report any suspicious persons or activity to Public Safety.

Bicycle security

Always lock your bike to a fixed immovable object, such as a bicycle rack. Park it in a visible and well-lit area. Make sure you keep a record of the make, model, and serial number of your bicycle. Use a high-quality bike lock, such as a U lock. Avoid leaving your bicycle locked overnight.

For more information on crime prevention, please visit the National Crime Prevention Council website.