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Focus awards

Focus Awards recognize the completion of a collection of courses in an area of study. By taking the courses required for a Focus Award, students deepen and broaden their knowledge and experience in that particular area of study. This can be particularly helpful as a head start toward a major at a four-year institution where a student might transfer. Focus Awards are administered and awarded by the responsible Division Dean. Focus Awards are not to be confused with degrees or certificates, as they are not officially recognized by the state, and do not appear on transcripts.

Sociology courses connected to Focus Awards

Black Studies
  • SOC 213: Diversity in the United States
Global Studies
  • SOC 221: Globalization and International Relations
Health Studies
  • Approved related course – SOC 231: Sociology of Health & Aging
Social Justice
  • SOC 204: Sociology in Everyday Life
  • SOC 206: Social Problems
  • SOC 211: Peace and Conflict
  • SOC 213: Diversity in the United States
  • SOC 214: (A, B, C) Illumination Project
  • SOC 215: Social Issues and Movements
  • SOC 228: Introduction to Environmental Sociology
  • SOC 280A: Cooperative Education
Women’s and Gender Studies
  • SOC 218: Sociology of Gender