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The Professional Music Program at PCC’s Cascade Campus seeks students interested in contemporary, commercial music and students excited to explore the limits of what is technologically and artistically possible through the creation of new sounds, new instruments, and new methods of performance and composition.

In an environment that combines music, art, science, coding, and design, students develop tools that prepare them for leadership in artistic, technical, educational, entrepreneurial and research efforts.

In addition, students learn to value the contributions of people of diverse backgrounds and to imagine the important roles of music and technology in the advancement of equity and the creation of economically and culturally vibrant communities.

Degrees and Certificates

In this program you can earn the following:

  • Less than One Year Certificate

See the catalog for information regarding program requirements.

Our program is focused primarily on the occupationally-oriented music student whose career goals can best be reached by developing and improving skills in music production, performance, and music writing.

What's Next?

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  1. Meet with Program Director to assess your background experience and skill level, identify your professional goals, and develop a course of study to achieve them.
  2. Apply for admission to PCC.