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Creative Coding and Immersive Technologies, associate degree

Art installation with people inside a dark room with the walls covered with abstract blue squares and a large floating pink ball in the middle

Creative Coding and Immersive Technologies (CCIT) is for artists and designers interested in future directions in:

  • Immersive Audio
  • Music Instrument/Interface Design
  • Audio FX Design
  • Experience Design (Commercial)
  • Interaction Design  (Museums, Art)
  • AI Implementation (Art, Creative/Commercial)
  • Generative Music Composition

In a hands-on, project-based learning community, you will work independently and collaboratively, creating the technologies, media and experiences shaping contemporary cultures and economies. CCIT welcomes students of all backgrounds. We seek to engage creatively and thoughtfully with the lived experiences of diverse communities. In ongoing dialogue with students like you, CCIT employees continuously update our awareness of your PCC experience. We work to ensure all students are succeeding.

Award information

Degrees and certificates by number of terms to complete
Award Length Financial aid eligible Currently accepting students?
Associate Degree: Creative Coding and Immersive Technologies2 years

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Course listing for the 2023-2024 catalog year.

Plan of Study Grid
First TermCredits
MUC 218 Digital Arts & Equity 4
MUC 270 Audio Programming I: Introduction to Max/MSP 4
MUC 272 Creative Coding I 4
MUC 274 Microcontrollers for Artists 4
Second Term
MUC 219 Sonic Constructions of Identity 4
MUC 271 Audio Programming II: Intermediate Max/MSP 4
MUC 277 Microcontrollers II 4
MUC 282 Creative Coding II 4
Third Term
MUC 233 Math in the Arts § 4
MUC 252
or CS 161
Computer Vision
or Computer Science I
MUC 275 Creative Coding Capstone 4
General Education: 1 course
Fourth Term
MM 242 Immersive Technologies: Introduction to Unity 4
MUC 240
or CS 140U
Interactive Portfolio Studio
or Introduction to UNIX
MUC 261 Data Visualization & Sonification 4
MUC 263 Experience Design with TouchDesigner 4
Fifth Term
MUC 250 AI & Machine Learning in the Arts I 4
MUC 262 Interface Design 4
General Education: 2 courses
Sixth Term
MM 271 Interactive Storytelling 4
MUC 206 Body Interface Design 4
MUC 251
or CS 160
Natural Language Processing
or Exploring Computer Science
General Education: 1 course
 Total Credits92

Could be used for General Education.


Course cannot be substituted with another course.

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