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Creative Coding and Immersive Technologies, associate degree

Art installation with people inside a dark room with the walls covered with abstract blue squares and a large floating pink ball in the middle

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Associate Degree: Creative Coding and Immersive Technologies2 years

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Course listing for the 2020-2021 catalog year.

Plan of Study Grid
First TermCredits
MM 242 Immersive Technologies: Introduction to Unity 4
MUC 270 Audio Programming I: Introduction to Max/MSP 4
MUC 272 Creative Coding I 4
MUC 274 Microcontrollers for Artists 4
Second Term
MM 243 Immersive Technologies: Unity II 4
MUC 271 Audio Programming II: Intermediate Max/MSP 4
MUC 277 Microcontrollers II 4
MUC 282 Creative Coding II 4
Third Term
CS 140U Introduction to UNIX 4
MUC 218 Digital Arts & Equity 4
MUC 233 Math in the Arts § 4
MUC 275 Creative Coding Capstone 4
Fourth Term
CS 160 Exploring Computer Science * 4
MUC 219 Sonic Constructions of Identity 4
MUC 261 Data Visualization & Sonification 4
MUC 263 Experience Design with TouchDesigner 4
Fifth Term
CS 161 Computer Science I * 4
MM 271 Interactive Storytelling 4
MUC 262 Interface Design 4
General Education: 1 course
Sixth Term
MUC 206 Body Interface Design 4
MUC 250 AI & Machine Learning in the Arts I 4
General Education: 1 course
 Total Credits90

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