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Music and Sonic Arts, associate degree

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Associate Degree: Music and Sonic Arts2 years

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Course listing for the 2023-2024 catalog year.

Plan of Study Grid
First TermCredits
MUC 101 Contemporary Music Theory I 3
MUC 120A Sight Singing and Ear Training I 1
MUC 130A Rhythm Training I 1
MUC 140A Group Piano I 2
MUC 223 Recording Technology I: Analog Fundamentals 3
MUS 170 Music Technology: Beats and Basics * 3
Second Term
MUC 102 Contemporary Music Theory II 3
MUC 120B Sight Singing and Ear Training II 1
MUC 130B Rhythm Training II 1
MUC 140B Group Piano II 2
MUC 224 Recording Technology II: Signal Processing & Tracking 3
MUS 171 Music Technology: Record and Mix 3
Third Term
MUC 103 Contemporary Music Theory III 3
MUC 120C Sight Singing and Ear Training III 1
MUC 130C Rhythm Training III 1
MUC 140C Group Piano III 2
MUC 225 Recording Technology III: Running a Studio 3
MUS 172 Music Technology: Record, Remix and DJ 3
Fourth Term
MUC 200A Composition I: Principles and Techniques 3
MUC 210 Contemporary Music Theory IV: Analysis 3
MUC 218 Digital Arts & Equity 4
MUC 270 Audio Programming I: Introduction to Max/MSP 4
Music and Sonic Arts Music Electives 3
Fifth Term
MUC 200B Composition II: Electronic Music Composition 3
MUC 271 Audio Programming II: Intermediate Max/MSP 4
Music and Sonic Arts Music Electives 4
General Education: 2 courses
Sixth Term
MUC 200C Composition III: Multimedia & Multichannel Channel Comp 3
MUC 233 Math in the Arts § 4
MUC 250 AI & Machine Learning in the Arts I 4
Music and Sonic Arts Music Electives 3
General Education: 1 course
 Total Credits90

 Could be used as General Education.


Course cannot be substituted with another course.

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