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End of term checklist

The end of the term is a busy time for students and there is more to remember than just your final exams. Here are a few reminders to keep you on track and prepare for your next term.

End-of-term checklist

check Final exam schedule

For full-term (11–12 week classes) final exams are scheduled for the last week of each term at the scheduled final exam time. Your instructor can choose to use the scheduled final exam time for purposes other than a final exam (e.g., presentations), but classes will meet during finals week at the scheduled final exam time. Online classes require student-instructor interaction during finals week. If you are unable to attend the scheduled exam time for your class, be sure to contact your instructor well in advance to make alternate arrangements.

check Tutoring

PCC offers a variety of resources to help you prepare for finals. Check out our tutoring services, available on each campus and online for help with classes and writing papers.

check Grades

Be sure to check the academic calendar to find out when your final grades will be posted. You can view your final grades in your MyPCC account.

check Evaluate your classes

Course evaluations from students are very important to instructors and the college. Evaluation results are used to improve teaching. Students enrolled in credit classes can complete evaluations by going to the MyPCC My Courses tab > Course Evaluations link. Check your PCC email for more info and take a few minutes to complete the evaluations.

check Payment schedule for next term

Have you made payment arrangements for your classes next term? Be sure to do so as soon as possible. Check out information about deadlines and policies on the Payment Due Dates and Ways to Pay webpages.

check If you plan to take a term off

If you plan to take a term off be sure to keep track of the registration and payment dates for the term you plan to return.

You will also want to check your MyPCC account and email to make sure you don’t miss important messages from the college while you are away.

Holds can prevent you from registering or accessing your information. To check for holds, log in to MyPCC and go to the Paying for College tab. In the Don’t Wait In Line channel you will see a link that says, “Check for Holds”.

If you decide to take more than a term off, review the student loan timeline and repayment information – you may need to start repaying your student loans!

check Appeals

There are several options for raising concerns about your experience at PCC: see appeals, complaints, and feedback.

check Books

Don’t forget about the buyback program at the bookstore. Buyback dates are listed on the bookstore website.

You also have the option to sell your books online through the bookstore.

Party popper iconYou did it! You made it through the whole track. If you have a minute, tell us if you liked it, hated it, used it, or still have questions, fill out the feedback track.